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Studying in the UK as an International Student

Top pieces of advice to make studying in the UK comfortable for you

Guest post by Jeff Blaylock

Moving to a new country to study is one of the most exciting things students can do. It broadens horizons and can improve so many areas of your academic life. It is also a brilliant opportunity to practice English and get comfortable with the language. Of course, it can be super daunting, too. It’s scary packing up your things and getting organised. There is usually so much to do and not enough time to do it. But you’ll get there. Here’s a couple of tips I wish I knew when I was studying as an international student in the UK school system. I hope they help.

Have all your documents in order

Speaking from personal experience managing your documents is one of the key parts of keeping calm during the moving process (I didn’t have them in any way organised and believe me the stress is not worth it). Have some sort of folder with everything including student visa details, funding details, health insurance and student accommodation confirmation. Basically, anything relevant to your university move. Keeping everything together adds a certain level of calm to the whole process and doesn’t make it feel as scary. There are some great tips on the more detailed elements of the documents you might need here.

Join societies

If you want to meet like-minded people from all around the world and the UK then join a society that is related to your interests. It can be super easy to just join the international society and form a friendship group based on this. But getting to meet people that share the same hobbies and passions as you will help you connect to people and form meaningful friendships. Societies are also really useful for having activities to do when you are starting a semester. You might get some insider tips from the local UK students on where to go and what’s cool to do, too.

Pack accordingly

If you’re flying over from sunny Australia or somewhere exotic (lucky you!) then be prepared, it rains a lot and can get pretty chilly. Pack clothes that are suitable or invest in some as soon as you land. Depending on where you are coming from it might be cheaper to buy in the UK or your own country, so look into this.

Join a study group

Joining a study group is an excellent way to work on speaking English and can get you into a good study routine. Study groups helped me meet interesting people on my course and look at things in a different way. Using essay services can also help you get to grips with how essays are structured. is a service that works with students to create unique essays that help students gain an understanding of the British school system. They were really helpful to get me set up. Understanding how university papers were formatted was a big plus as well.

Study Group

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Budget, budget, budget!

Lastly, your budget is so important. London and the UK, in general, can be expensive. Work out how much money you will need to live off for your time there. Factor in if you will be working, your student loan, that extra pint you might have in the student union. Become a budgeting guru and money won’t be a stress point. Mint is a great free online tool that lets you control everything and you can keep track of when bills will be coming out and pretty much everything money related.

Bye Bye Stress

So, there you have it. It’s not rocket science but these are just some of the tricks I found really useful when learning how to maneuver my way around education in the UK. No matter what grade levels you’re studying, being organised and having a bit of foresight can really help eliminate stress. It’s so easy to get bogged down in all the paperwork and difficult parts of university and forget about all the great stuff you’re going to experience. Hopefully, these tips helped to ease your mind a little bit and help you prepare. Good luck on your future university journey!

About Jeff

Jeff is a freelance writer for several student websites. He enjoys using his own experiences to provide insightful and helpful advice to students. He’s super organised and loves meeting like minded people.