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Free Men’s Haircuts by the London School of Barbering

The Best Free haircut a man can have

By Adam Stokes

Just minutes from the Thames and sitting in the shadow of the New London Theatre, the London School of Barbering is hidden right in the middle of Convent Garden, and is the perfect place to go for a new trim, shave, cut or style up.

With modern, one to one training, all the barbers are taught to a high quality, professional standard – one that shows when the finished product is done. The best thing about LSB? Because they are dedicated to both training the best barbers around and giving you the perfect hair cut experience, all cuts done by students are free.

The barber shop boasts hundreds of cuts daily, all to a quality you’ll find hard to beat. Heading to Drury Lane can now be one of your favourite appointments of the day, week or month. However often you like getting your mane tamed or your facial hair pruned, London School of Barbering can be found quietly waiting to satisfy your needs.

Who can get a free haircut?

Being solely dedicated to men’s hairdressing means that all the barbers are trained and focussed completely on you and your hair, and being taught by industry professionals with years of experience in male hairdressing and classic barbering means that your head is in good hands. From simple cuts to the more technical blending and styling, the team leaders are there to make sure that you receive whatever you desire from your student barber.

Free Men’s Haircuts by the London School of Barbering

looking for a free haircut in London? Look no further

How to Book your Free haircut

Open ‘til late on Mondays and Tuesdays, and standard times from Wednesday through to Friday, all you have to do is find a time that suits you, and book yourself an appointment. You’ll soon find yourself sitting in the chair and wondering why it took so long for LSB to become your barber of choice, as you head out the door with your wallet weighing exactly the same it did when you first arrived.

Free Men’s Haircuts by the London School of Barbering

The London School of Barbering

What: London School of Barbering Free Haircuts
Where: London School of Barbering, 186 Drury Lane, London WC2B
Opening hours: Mondays and Tuesdays (11am-9pm) & Wednesday to Friday (11am-6pm)
Nearest Tube Station: Covent Garden/Holborn
Tel: 0207 404 0998
Cost: FREE

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