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Gifts Ideas for Every Budget

How to make the best of your gift budget

Guest post by Andrew Lewis

In an ideal world, we would all have enough money to buy every person who is important to us a memorable gift. Yet, giving gifts is more about making someone feel special, letting them know that you appreciate them rather than the price tag. For many people, the ability to spend time with those with love, with friends and family is a gift in itself. Yet gift-giving is a chance to express your love and add some extra happiness to their day. Here are some gift ideas for every budget.

How to get started

Different occasions require different gifts. A gift to celebrate Christmas day will likely be very different than the one you would give a couple on their wedding day. Also, consider the age and gender of the person you are buying for as your niece may not appreciate what you would buy your nephew. Hopefully, you will know what the person you are buying the gift for would like, even if you are buying for a co-worker in a Secret Santa.

Gifts come in a range of categories if you want to narrow down the sort of gift you want to give to your recipient. Your present can be useful, eco-friendly, for decoration, to wear or something home-made.

Unique gifts

A customised book can be filled with memories and sentiments that will be treasured for years. Whether your gift is to your beloved as you celebrate St Valentine’s Day or as a gift to the flower girls at your wedding, gift books are a unique way to celebrate love. Other suggested presents can be found at Choosing your favourite photograph of the year to mark a birthday or other anniversary will not break the bank but is a special gift to share your wishes of joy, love and friendship. You can create unique gifts yourself if you have the skill or look for options online.

Gift unique experiences

Gifting experiences are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people consider the impact on the environment of unwanted gifts that end up in landfill three months later. Experience gifts are wonderful for all ages and all family sizes from individuals to parents with multiple children. These can be tickets to a museum, waterpark, theatre, a week at a summer camp or an annual visitors pass to a zoo. Experience gifts are also popular because they create memories that last a lifetime. Parents will particularly appreciate some of these ideas as you are essentially gifting them multiple family days out. 

Natural gifts

Gifting a plant is something your recipient can nurture in their garden over the year.  This is a longer-lasting gift than a bouquet that will be in your compost bin after one week.  If there is space, gift a fruit tree from which they can later create their own pies, or have a tree planted in a place that is special to them.

For Valentine’s day, consider planting a rose bush of red scented blooms that can be enjoyed all year round.  If there is no space for any planting, consider a natural rose preserved for eternity that can be part of the home décor for all the years ahead that you have together.

Homemade gifts from renewable resources

Gifts made from natural, renewable sources are also a great idea.  This can be photo frames made from wood or a knitted wool scarf.  If you can make an item yourself, this adds to the value of your gift as it shows that you have spent precious time and some effort to complete the gift.

Gift a skill

You can also gift an introductory class in something your recipient wants to learn or where they have expressed an interest.  This can be a life-drawing class, a samba dance class, piano lessons, a cookery course, yoga classes or history talks at a local museum. There is usually something that all of us wish we could learn but may not take it forward due to lack of time or the cost. If you are buying a gift of skill, consider also offering to care for any children, so they are free to go.