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Guide to Applying for a National Insurance Number

Tips on How to Apply for a National Insurance Number

By Kelly Henderson (follow Kelly on Twitter @kellythekiwi)

If you have arrived in London (or anywhere in the UK) with the intention of working then you will need to apply for a National Insurance number. Below you will find important information and tips on how to apply for a NI number.

What is a National Insurance number?

An NI number is a number allocated to almost every adult living in the UK. It is used by HM Revenue & Customs and the Department of Work and Pensions to track your taxes and national insurance contributions.

People who are born in the UK are automatically allocated an NI number about the time of their 16th birthday. Everybody else must apply for one when they arrive.

How do I apply for a National Insurance number?

#1 JobCentre Plus | Apply Free of Charge

Applying for a National Insurance Number

JobCentre Plus

Contact JobCentre Plus (0345 600 0643) to set up an interview for you. Be aware that the phone line can be really busy – make yourself a cup of tea and be prepared to hold.

JobCentre Plus will give you the date, time and location of your appointment (or Evidence of Identity interview) and inform you of what you need to bring. Your appointment will generally be at your closest JobCentre office and you will be asked to provide some form of identification such as:

  • Passport/identity card
  • Proof of address
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate

It could be about 6 – 8 weeks until you receive your NI number in the post.

If you need more advice then have a look at our guide for those of you who have just moved to London.

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