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How to design a modern London apartment on a budget

Designing your own flat in London may cost a huge chunk of your budget

Guest post by Sharon Matthews

Designing your own flat is an exciting adventure to add your personal touch and unique style. Every decoration you choose for the apartment is considered personal as emotions are attached that reflect your own persona. Every element added brings out the humor, orchestrates sentiment, and sets the warmth of the place. But let’s face it, it can cost a lot of money to style a flat, especially in London where the flat prices alone are already amongst the most expensive in the world. Interior designs are considered extras however, it is still possible to implement your own style without spending a ton of money to decorate your own flat.

How to design a modern London apartment on a budget


Here are some of the best tips that will help you in designing the modern London apartment on a budget:

Buy the Affordable Tapestries

Every visitor melts at the sight of tapestries, which is sophisticatedly woven and designed. Tapestries enhance the overall beauty of the apartment. Warp threads in the artwork attract the visitors and bring on a classier look into the apartment.

Making use of Wooden Shelves

British styled apartment includes wooden artwork. If you are on a tight budget, you can include handmade wooden shelves in the apartment. Wooden shelves are very affordable. You can use the countryside style of shelves or revolving shelves to bring a British look into the apartment.

No need to splurge on flooring

Some flat owners hesitate on their flooring options as it can eat a huge chunk of their budget. But, there are certain flooring options that do hurt the budget while still upholding a good, long lasting quality. It is highly recommended to choose laminate flooring. Laminate flooring can mimic almost all kinds of flooring types without spending a fortune to achieve the style that you want. It can look like wood, stone or tile and they are very easy to clean and maintain.

Brightening the Room with Colors

No! You do not have to color the walls or the flooring. You must shop for colored furniture items or just shop the colors. You can paint your furniture too to get a funkier and cooler look into the apartment. You can paint the alarms, nightstands, bookshelves, coffee stands, and clocks. Your room’s beauty will be enhanced to a greater extent.

Adding Plant Life to the Feel of the Place

What is better and more graceful than adding little plant life to your place? You can add the little plant life to the revolving shelves or nicely-painted nightstand and the creation of a little garden into the kitchen. Your apartment would be a complete little castle then!