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Vaping trends around liquid vape flavor (2020 Edition)

Looking to get in on the new vaping trends? Here’s a starter guide

Guest post by Augustina Wilkinson

Inhaling flavored, vaporized tobacco or “vaping” has become something of a worldwide phenomenon and is seen as a healthier alternative to traditional smoking. In the past 10 years, vaping has taken center stage in the smoking community and with mainstream branding (in the form of companies like juul), vaping devices are in the hands of more people than ever before, creating a large market for both the vaping devices as well as the accompanying accessories and products needed to make the whole experience either possible or more enjoyable.

Alternatively known as E-cigarettes, vaping has come into its own as a counterculture that denounces the unpleasant stereotype associated with cigarette and cigar smokers and that culture. As a result, more young people are hopping on the bandwagon, and with it comes less judgement and stigma than traditional cigarettes. Despite the practice coming under fire from governments, the media, and activist groups alike, vaping is actually seeing an exponential increase in a market that has yet to reach its plateau. This fact might have something to do with the following advantages that vaping offers over traditional smoking:

  • Vaping is less addictive: E-liquids are much less addictive than traditional cigarettes. Experts say that they are exponentially easier to quit and harder to get addicted to than cigarettes.
  • It leaves no odours: E-liquids and vape pens do not leave the lingering odours that are left on the fingertips, clothes, and everything else like regular cigarettes. Its very formulation means that the vapour does not carry these odours, leaving the user free of nasty cigarette stench.
  • Healthier on the respiratory system: Compared to traditional cigarettes and other forms of tobacco inhalation, E-cigarettes have been scientifically proven as far more lenient on your respiratory system and overall health. The nicotine does not negatively harm the blood vessels in the mouth, lungs and trachea and even leaves the body quicker than the nicotine in cigarettes. This means that long term, E-liquids are a much healthier alternative to conventional means of tobacco consumption.
  • Comes in a multitude of flavours: This is perhaps the single most important advantage. As much as makers try to infuse many flavours into conventional cigarettes, they all still end up tasting like….. you guessed it…. Cigarettes. E-liquids on the other hand, come in a multitude of flavours from orange to cranberry to banana, to mint and dozens more. This ensures that the experience is never boring and can be customized to fit whatever whims the user has in mind. Also, the flavours make it so that manufacturers can experiment with reducing the actual tobacco content, making for a much smoother experience.

As practices evolve, the trends surrounding them change – and it is left to those engaged in said practice to “move with the times”. With that said, here are a few vaping and vape flavor trends you might want to take a look at for yourself.

  • Nicotine salts: Popularly known by its shorter form “Nic salts”, Nicotine salts aren’t salty per se, but get the name from the scientific composition of the nicotine in the flavor. This is because when the pure nicotine base and the surrounding infused acids react, the resulting vapor is technically a salt. Nic salts have a variety of advantages over regular nicotine-based vape flavors. Most importantly, nic salts deliver a smoother hit when compared to other kinds of vapors – and still manages the same nicotine levels.
  • Increased flavor variants: This was probably expected as the industry reached maturity. That said, there are now more vape flavor variants than ever before. Consumers can choose from dozens of fruit, snack, and even food-inspired vape flavors. Some try to reproduce a taste whilst others mimic naturally-occurring fragrances. Some users prefer pure flavors whilst others go for combinations. Whatever your tastes however, you can be sure to find the flavor of your choice.
  • The rise of “Smart Vaping”: I’m sure that any forward-thinking individual could surmise that with the rise of the internet and smart devices, it would only be a matter of time before that same wave swept over the vaping industry – and it has. Smart vape pens that connect to smartphones for additional functionality have not only been invented, but have gained a massive following amongst users looking to spice up their vaping experience with a little more variety and fine control. Alas, the age of smart vaping is here and will be for the foreseeable future.

You might have your mint strawberry-flavored vape juice hooked up to your smart vape pen and think that you’re caught up with the latest trend, but, as with many other things, times change – and so do trends.  Make sure to always stay updated on the latest, healthiest ways to vape. Who knows, newer trends may even be more cost-efficient too.