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How to Experience Heathrow in One Day: A Guide to Making the Most of Your Short Stay

Guest post by Katy Nikolaou

Have you found yourself daydreaming again about visiting London and strolling through its quaint neighbourhoods, bustling markets, and historic attractions? Perhaps this is your sign to finally book the trip and have the time of your life. This guide is here to not only convince you that this is the right move but also recommend some hidden gems near Heathrow Airport since it’s an area that not many people talk about in terms of its touristy significance. Learn how to experience Heathrow in one day, and let this day be the best of your life!

Best time to visit London

Honestly, each season has its merits. In winter, you will get into the festive spirit right away as the city is gloriously decorated and there are numerous Christmas things to do. In summer, you can soak in the sun while wandering all around the city. It is important to mention that spring and autumn are the seasons when there are not so many tourists around and the prices for everything are more reasonable. It all comes down to the kind of experience you desire, but rest assured that London is gorgeous all year round.

Getting to Heathrow

There are direct and connecting flights from numerous cities in the world and in the UK to Heathrow which leave you right at the airport. Additionally, coaches, trains, and underground services are available to transport people to and from the airport. Lastly, taxis, private transfers, and car hire cars can be booked and take you wherever your heart desires.

How to hire a car at Heathrow Airport?

Since 1946 Heathrow has been making long travels convenient and fun for everyone. All these years of practice have led to the creation of options that can cater to all kinds of unique travel needs. A prime example of that is the existence of many on-site and off-site car hire companies, offering a wide range of car types, ensuring that everyone can find the ideal one for them.

Where to hire a car at Heathrow Airport?

Since there is a great number of car hire companies at Heathrow Airport, you should save some time in the process of discovering the best car hire option for you by clicking on You get a detailed list of amazing car hire deals at Heathrow without hidden fees. The free cancellation up to 48 hours before your booking has to be the best feature. With Holiday Cars, you can be 100% sure about your car hire choice.

Best attractions near Heathrow Airport

Now that you know when to visit London and how to get around, let us share some must-visit attractions near Heathrow Airport.

1. Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle is widely known as it has been a residence of the British royal family for generations, making it the oldest occupied castle in the world. It is approximately 13 kilometres west of Heathrow Airport, and it is open for tours.

2. Twickenham Stadium

Rugby is a popular sport in England, so you shouldn’t miss your chance to watch a match at Twickenham Stadium.

3. Kingston upon Thames

Kingston upon Thames is a lovely town in the Greater London area that will mesmerise you with its riverside setting, historic architecture, excellent shopping options, and charming parks. It will take you around 30 to 40 minutes to get there from Heathrow.