6 of the Best Coastal Cities in the UK and Europe - Broke in London

6 of the Best Coastal Cities in the UK and Europe

Guest post by Anna Nilsen

Are you in London and craving an escape to the local coast or not so far beyond? Fancy a splash of sun, sea, sand, or strikingly beautiful views without breaking the bank? Well, this is your guide!

We’ve lined up six affordable yet amazing coastal cities across the UK and Europe worth considering for your next getaway. Whether you’re drawn to traditional charm or adventurous new horizons, we’ve got you covered.

Stay tuned to explore these budget-friendly travel gems.

1. Brighton, England

Who says you have to leave the UK for a beachy getaway? With its quirky lanes, Brighton Pier, and famous pebble beaches, Brighton is both affordable and accessible from London. You can truly have a memorable seaside adventure without stepping foot outside the country.

A train ride south will transport you to this vibrant coastal town teeming with fun attractions like the British Airways i360 viewing tower and the Royal Pavilion. Pack light, travel fast!

2. Edinburgh, Scotland

Alternatively, venture north for something completely different. Edinburgh, like a multifaceted jewel, sparkles with a blend of ancient architecture and coastal charm. This enchanting Scottish city offers historical sites, rustic beaches, and stunning coastlines that are guaranteed to captivate your imagination.

The iconic Edinburgh Castle sits atop rugged cliffs that gaze out onto the North Sea, providing a picturesque backdrop worthy of any Instagram feed. You’ll probably fall in love with the city’s rich heritage while enjoying sea views at every turn.

3. Barcelona, Spain

Did someone say Barcelona? Yes, and it’s not all about football! Spain’s most famous coastal city boasts an unmatched blend of rich culture, iconic architecture, and gorgeous beaches.

Experience the pulsating lifeblood of Catalan culture as you stroll down La Rambla or explore the Gothic Quarter. Then take a break on the golden sands of Barceloneta Beach. Cap off your day with fresh seafood paella while watching a captivating sunset over the Mediterranean. What more could anyone ask for?


Photo by D Jonez on Unsplash

4. Stockholm, Sweden

If your idea of a coastal city includes scenic archipelagos, Stockholm should top your list. A harmonious blend of land and water, this city offers an abundance of affordable sightseeing opportunities that are sure to please any budget-conscious Londoner.

Jump on one of the readily available ferries to explore its sprawling archipelago with over 30k islands! There’s never a shortage of rich history or breathtaking views here.

Interested in venturing further? Easily accessible online for booking, plenty of exciting tour adventures to Scandinavia await those in search of more Nordic wonders on a shoestring budget!

5. Lisbon, Portugal

Head to the sun-kissed streets of Lisbon for a coastal city break with a dash of football flair. Known as much for its historic beauty as its famous son, CR7 (Cristiano Ronaldo), this Portuguese gem doesn’t disappoint.

Marvel at the centuries-old Belem Tower or explore the vibrant Bairro Alto neighborhood. Don’t forget to relax on one of its many welcoming beaches within reach. With its rich cuisine and affordable living costs, Lisbon should definitely be on your list.

6. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Last on our list, but certainly not least, is the mesmerizing city of Dubrovnik. Crowned as the pearl of the Adriatic Sea, this Croatian beauty promises a unique blend of cultural heritage and stunning beach escapes.

Walk along its famous ancient walls while you soak in panoramic views of the endless blue sea. Or dip your toes at Banje Beach after a day of sightseeing. Great memories and Instagram-worthy photos are bound to be made here without causing any great dent in your pocket.

So there you have it, six of the most alluring coastal cities in the UK and Europe that won’t have you maxing out your credit card. From Brighton to Dubrovnik, they all balance cost with experience for an unforgettable trip! Now, it’s time for you to make memories- perhaps this coming festive season or when you get that long-awaited vacation. Happy traveling!