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How to Find The Best Cheap Eats in London

There’s plenty of food bargains on offer, if you know where to look…

By Sylvia Nankivell from Student Money Saver

London has some of the biggest price tags on the planet. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find a bargain, especially if you’re after something to fill your stomach.

The capital is associated with fine dining and exorbitant charges. However, if you know where to look you can pick up something decent and cheap. Sometimes even free!

So work up an appetite by checking out our quick and handy guide. It helps you find the best eats without putting a strain on your budget. Let’s tuck in…

#1 | Street Food

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Street food is a great way of getting quality stuff onto people’s food radar. You can buy it from various markets and open air events. It’s often delicious, and inexpensive.

Great news! The street food industry is on the up, which means lots of vendors are getting in on the action. Good for consumers, as the choice is varied and prices competitive.

Whether you fancy a burger, or a wild slice of culinary fusion, it’s out there for the taking. Plus, unlike some eateries, accessibility isn’t a problem as they’re right on the street.

With new street food sellers popping up all the time, it can be difficult to keep track. Dozens can be found in comprehensive lists of recommended places, such as this one.

#2 | Supermarkets

Not the most exciting option, but certainly among the cheapest. Supermarket chains are all conquering, and offer a range of food that’s good value as well as affordable.

Here’s the thing. London has more than its fair share of supermarkets, and while some of these are “express” shops with higher costs, they’re still worth a look.

It isn’t all own brand cheapness and discount bread that’s a day old. You can get hold of a diverse range of food for every occasion and reasonably priced.

The big players are also keen to keep you as a customer, so regularly offer savings in the form of reward cards, vouchers and other initiatives. Read on to find out more…

#3 | Deals

Whatever the financial climate, a good deal is a surefire way of getting people to try a new taste sensation (or even an old one that’s been snazzily repackaged).

Make way for the takeaway. As a student in the capital, making ends meet is tough. Thankfully there are some stress-busting deals, such as this cashback offer that effectively gives you a free £15 takeaway.

Plus, as we mentioned earlier, supermarkets launch new and tempting offers on what seems like a daily basis.

#4 | Pubs

Warning bells may go off when you see the word “pub”, as the associations with drink are plain for all to see. If you haven’t been in one for a while, it’s time to reappraise.

Times have changed. Alcohol still flows, but a pub is seen as a family environment as much as a watering hole. Wetherspoons has certainly had an impact on this.

The drink isn’t too cheap, but these pub-based business giants have well-organised and affordable meals on offer. Usually different days showcase different belly fillers. And just because you are in a pub doesn’t mean that you can’t opt for the tap water to go with your meal.

It may take some wandering to find the best place, but what London lacks in friendly atmosphere it makes up for in sheer variety.

#5 | Make your own lunch

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Be you in London, or anywhere in the world, one thing is clear. You save a lot of money by bringing your own lunch into work. It can be a drag but it’s the cheapest of options.

It’s a no brainer. Assembling meals yourself is not only affordable but potentially healthier, unless you have a lot of processed food in your fridge!

You can also save time by simply taking your sandwich to the local park rather than queueing at the local eatery for it in the first place. It ain’t glamorous, but it works!

So try not to be intimidated by London’s pricey reputation. Now more than ever, great deals on cheap, quality food are forming a vital part of the capital’s culinary landscape.