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Weekend In London: 7 Trending And Cheap Hen Do Activities For You & Your Besties

A good plan is a good start to have an amazing weekend in London…

Guest post by Andrea Boffo

Throwing a hen do party for your bestie is not an easy task. In the sea of ideas, you have to pick only one, and in most cases need to make it affordable. All the choices we listed below will probably be within your budget and are very popular at the moment as well!

#1 | Make Fragrances

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Yes, this is actually a thing and it’s an activity that won’t break your bank. First, think of your bestie and the type of interests that she has. This would be the perfect hen do idea in London for a gal who is completely obsessed with anything beauty. If she’s one of those skincare and makeup gurus who always get the trendiest products, their bathroom is filled with so many beauty essentials and are always on their phones watching tutorials, you already have your answer. There are also those women who always smell fabulous and pay a lot of attention to their perfume. If you’ve already recognized the bride in these descriptions, start booking a spot where you’ll take the group.

Thankfully, London has several places where you can try out fragrance mixology. Some of the destinations you want to check are Floris, Experimental Perfume Workshop, The Perfume Studio, Tea And Crafting and many more. It sure sounds like a unique experience everyone will love.

#2 | Horseback Riding

London is a city that is literally perfect for horseback riding. When the bride is an adventurist type who also loves spending time in nature, we have the greatest idea. The capital of England is full of gorgeous parks and green locations where you can try horseback riding. If the love of animals in your group is strong, why not give them the idea of booking a lesson?

Since you will be arriving as a group, this is the most inexpensive ways to do horseback riding. Private lessons can be quite costly, but spending an hour or two as a group will be completely affordable. No words in the world are enough to explain the unique experience your besties will go through during your ride. Hyde Park is one of the most popular choices for people, but there are also numerous family-owned businesses and companies who also provide the same services around town. There are even ones which are just outside of London, if you want to take a short detour.

#3 | Cocktail Class

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Making cocktails is not only super-fun but also very popular at the moment. A hen do party sounds like the ideal match with an activity that includes making drinks. If one of the friends in the group is ready to say goodbye to the single life, you might as well celebrate it with cocktails. You’ll immediately know whether the future bride will be up to the challenge. If she’s been a huge fan of tasting different drinks while going out, has been trying to surprise you at parties with new cocktail recipes, or is simply interested in trying new things, a mixology masterclass sounds ideal.

If you thought that only bartenders to-be attend these classes, you are completely wrong. There are spots that offer them to groups, and to your surprise, they will not cost a whole fortune. Start the search now, and find a place that fits your budget and the location as well.

#4 | Go Bowling

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Bowling is so much fun! This dynamic activity will provide you with laughter and a strong dose of competition for several hours. It’s not a conventional way to spend a hen do party, but it’s definitely great for every budget. First of all, you’re the ones who will choose how long you’ll stay. While you’re there, you play as many games as you like and drink whatever you like. The bride will have the time of her life, with the best friends by her side.

Bowling is not meant only for ladies who like sports. On the contrary, anyone can try it and end up being obsessed. The best thing is that you can play in teams and bond even more with your besties through this activity. There are so many bowling alleys in London that it will be hard for you to decide. Some of the best are Hollywood Bowl, Queens Skate Dine Bowl, Rowans Bowl, and more. Most of the alleys offer much more than just bowling.

#5 | A Sleepover

The great thing about sleepovers is that you can actually organize them at someone’s home, or find a very unique rental for a great price. Think of apps such as Booking or Airbnb. It’s a fact that if you start searching months ahead you will find the craziest rentals that cost very little for one night. Some will even include a hot tub, pool, and other amenities that will make your party even better.

The first thing you need to do is set a limit on the budget, and start looking for a place as early as possible. Once you’ve found it, it’s also important to pick a theme. It can be literally anything. Glitter, pyjama party, princesses, Great Gatsby, white party, are just a part of the trending themes to consider. Once you’ve made a decision, divide the responsibilities among the gals in the group. One can make the cookies, the other one take care of the balloons, the third can get the accessories and so on. If you need matching dresses, you can score the best deals with these discount codes from Studio.

#6 | Escape Rooms

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Escape rooms are so huge right now! Everyone will get their minds off the big day for a minute and put them to work in a different way. Brides tend to get very stressed as the wedding approaches, so having their mind busy with something else for several hours is a very innovative solution. Once you’re all done, you can enjoy a drink in the bar that is a part of the place you’ll choose.

One escape room usually takes an hour, but you can always try several different ones. If your besties are up for mystery, adventure, and a hint of fear, why not try it. The good thing is that most of these places are equipped for large groups as well. Another smart idea is to divide into teams and compete. The team that will escape their room faster will get free drinks. HintHunt, Modern Fables, Escape London, are just a part of the options.

#7 | Crafts Party

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Crafts and DIY parties are so popular for all occasions and ages. A hen do party doesn’t actually have to feature night clubs, bars or drinks so that it’s lots of fun. Some gals simply love crafts, find them both relaxing and super-creative.

This is another affordable option because you don’t even have to hire a place and can do it at someone’s home. All you need is an idea about what kind of crafts you’ll be doing. Once you do, all you have left is to buy the material. This makes it a great option because it will end up costing way below your budget. When you’re not quite sure how to put everything together, the group can find an arts and crafts workshop in London and book a class there. Have you ever thought about learning how to knit, make pottery, or make soap? These are just a small portion of the incredible craft spots you will find around town. If you want to mix party with creativity, look for places that also feature a bar with drinks in the same room.

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