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In Need of a Quick Sale? Here are the Various Ways in Which You Can sell Your Property, Fast

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Useful advice to sell your property fastl

Guest post by Manish Kuwar

If you need to sell your property quickly, then one thing is for certain – you can’t simply leave yourself to the mercy of the property market.

The truth of that is the property market blows hot and cold. At certain times of the year your property is far more likely to sell quicker than at others. Likewise, depending on elements such as the economy and the political atmosphere, the property market can peak and trough accordingly.

The problem with this, is that you never know when you might need to sell your property quick – and the key word here, is quick. You’re working against some form of time constraint, and therefore don’t have the option to wait it out until a good time to sell.

Luckily, there are in fact various ways in which you can sell your property quickly – and today we’re going to cover exactly what they are.

Quick Sale Companies

The first option we’re going to cover, is going through the selling process with a quick sale company.

Although it can be argued as a risk, going through a professional company is usually the safest way to sell your house fast. Let’s look a little further into it.

Now, quick sale companies claim to buy any property – regardless of condition or damage – in cash, within as little as seven to ten days. The vast majority of them will also offer a free valuation in the first place.

The first thing to be mindful of here, is that in return for a quick sale, you’re likely to have to go below the market value for your property, sometimes as much as up to 25%. It’s not ideal, but if you need to sell up immediately, then it may be the price you have to pay.

The second thing to be mindful of, is exactly which company you choose to do business with.

Over the years, alongside the reputable quick sale industry, there have been a number of scammers who have soiled the name of we buy any house companies. In some cases, homeowners claim to have been ripped off to sums as high as tens of thousands of pounds in the quick sale of their home.

There isn’t necessarily a fool proof way of avoiding scammers, but there are ways in which you can be particularly careful in your choosing. For example, if a company is regulated by the NAPB (National Association of Property Buyers) there are certain rules and regulations they must adhere to, making them far less likely to be fraudsters. Likewise, always be sure to read the small print. Sometimes the devil really is in the details.

Partner Up with a Good Estate Agent

If the quick sale company option does not appeal to you – as it may not – then you could instead choose to do your research, and partner with the best local estate agent in your area.

Rather than simply putting your property up for sale and leaving it up to your local estate agent, get in contact with them and ask them to partner up with you directly. Realistically speaking they’ll have a better networking system than you in the property market. They’ll have contacts galore, and will be experienced enough in the world of marketing to promote your property to the best of their ability.

Before choosing, it’s well worth doing some in depth research into the estate agents in your area. Take a look at their records – how long their sales have taken, how close to the market value they’ve sold for, and whether or not they’re positively reviewed. This will help to ensure you make the right decision.

Put it Up for a Good Price

Last of all, but by no means least, a great way of ensuring your property sells quicker is by putting it up for a good price.

Regardless of how much you originally paid for your property, you have to compete with similar houses for sale in the industry right now – and if you undercut their price but outsmart their value then your property will be in the highest of demand.

Now, be sure not to undercut your price too much, but also be extremely cautious about pricing it too highly. If your house is overpriced, then chances are it’s going to stay on the market longer, and you’ll lose money on it anyway. Get the price right, and you’re half way there.