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Jumble Trail Guide

A sale trail in your neighbourhood

By Kelly Henderson (follow Kelly on Twitter @kellythekiwi)

I love a good bargain hunt – and I’m not the only one. Every weekend people flock to table top sales and car boot sales in order to get the best bargains in town, the most difficult problem is finding a sale near you. This is where the website Jumble Trail can really help you out.


What is a Jumble Trail?

A Jumble Trail is similar to a car boot sale but it takes place in your neighbourhood. Households come together and set up stalls in order to sell their unwanted goods. Anything can be sold – toys, clothing, bric-a-brac, food – if it’s legal it’s sellable. Jumble Trail is a website that co-ordinates everything for you and publishes the locations in an interactive colour coded map available online. 

Jumble Trail

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How does a Jumble Trail work?

#1 Appoint a Jumble Trail Champion

The Jumble Trail Champion is in charge of organising what is going to take place on the day. They need to decide on the location, date, time and whether or not stall holders will have to pay. The Champion then registers the trail online.

#2 Let people know about your Jumble Trail 

Once you have registered your Jumble Trail it becomes searchable on Google throughout the world. Combine this with flyers, word of mouth and social media to let people know about your event.

#3 Get stall holders to register online 

Everybody who wants to host a stall needs to register online. As people register, an online map will be created to show the households that are selling goods, where they are located and what they are selling. Stall holders can also post photos of their goods in order to gain some interest in advance.

Jumble Trail

Hackney Jumble Trail earlier this year

#4 Enjoy your day

There’s nothing left to do on the day but sell your items, try some of the neighbours home baking and get to know the people in your community – not a bad way to raise a couple of quid!

What if I just want to grab a bargain? 

You don’t have to be hosting a stall to take part. If you’re simply looking for a bargain then type your postcode in to the site and see a map of the Jumble Trails happening near you.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a bargain or looking to sell your unwanted goods, then check out Jumble Trail. You could even bring your community together and become a Champion yourself. Follow the site on Twitter for further updates.

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