UK's First Cereal Cafe opening in London in December!

London’s first cereal cafe opening in December

Cereal Killer Cafe opening on Brick Lane

When we heard about London’s first Cereal killer cafe earlier in the year we have to say it oddly excited us. The idea of a cafe that sells over 100 different cereals, 12 milks and 20 toppings is very appealing!

The identical twin owners, Alan and Gary Keery, have spent the past 6 months fine tuning every detail of the cafe, from the 100s of pieces of cereal memorabilia that will be displayed in the cafe to the cereals they will sell which will include 5 different peanut butter flavoured cereal, drool! They have also managed to source the cereals from every corner of the globe including America, Austrailia, South Africa, Europe and South Korea!

Alan and Gary Keery

Alan and Gary Keery

Gary tells us ‘Cereal in the UK is great, but when you compare it to what is available around the world you will be amazed, like the Oreo O’s cereal from South Korea which is oreo flavoured hoops with fondant flavoured freeze dried marshmallows, or the Poppin’ Fruity Pebbles from America which is a berry flavoured cereal with Popping candy which is both weird and wonderful at the same time’.

Alan adds “cereal is something most of us eat every day, but only in our own homes, Cereal Killer is going to take cereal to the next level and put the excitement into it that we used to have as kids.”

London's first cereal cafe opening in December

100 different cereals

The twins have been busy collecting every piece of cereal memorabilia they can get their hands on to display in a vintage style café so it will have a ‘cereal museum’ feel to it and cafe won’t just be open for breakfast, but will stay open all day to cure your cereal cravings. So whether you like your cereal dripping in sugar, or healthier than a hot yoga class, then you’ll just need to head to 139 Brick Lane from 10th December. Follow Cereal Killer Cafe on Facebook and Twitter for further updates.

Cereal Killer Cafe is now Hiring!

By the way Cereal Killer Cafe are now recruiting for cereal obsessed staff! So if you’re obseded with cereals and it is the fist thing you think when you get out of bed in the morning then just send your email and a recent photo of yours to

London's first cereal cafe opening in December

want to be part of the cereal killer team?

What: Cereal Killer Cafe Opening
 139 Brick Lane, Shoreditch
When: 10th December 2014

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