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5 Tips for Choosing A Cheap and Reliable Car Hire Service

Follow these five tips and you’ll be on the right track

Guest post by James Campbell

The company has lined you up to take a business trip. They’ve booked you into a hotel and you’ve prepared your presentation but there’s still one more step to be made—renting a car. With so many options of car hire services, it can be difficult finding the right one for you. Follow these five tips and you’ll be on the right track.

Explore Their Fleet

Depending on what type of trip you’re taking, you might need something niche. If, in fact, you’re not taking a business trip but, instead, you’re moving across country, you wouldn’t want to take a four-door sedan. Pick a car hire service with a wide selection of vehicles from which you can choose. That way, you’re not limiting yourself.

Consider Ease of Hire

You don’t want to be stuck at the car hire shop for an hour filling out paperwork and waiting for a quote. Look for a service with easy hiring options. Some services, such as Zippy Rentals, offer online quotes and you can even secure your purchase via the Internet.

Find the Best Terms and Conditions

If you’re hiring a car for the first time, it may seem daunting signing your name on the form. Hiring a car that’s not your own is a big responsibility so be sure to read the terms and conditions. You should also consider purchasing the insurance plan. Should you run into trouble, rental insurance will cover your back.

Think About Locations

If you plan to return to the store from which you hired your car, location isn’t such an issue. But if you plan to move across country, it wouldn’t make sense to hire through a service with only one location. It’s best to use a service that’s located nationally.


It should go without saying but, when looking for the best cheap and reliable car hire service, you really must research the price. Don’t get bamboozled into paying more than you ought to. With Zippy Rentals, they’ll get you on the road without costing you an arm or a leg.