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London – What is there to do this Autumn?

Explore all the interesting places! Including good food

By Megan Bryant from

If you are already living in London or are planning to visit this Autumn then check out the list below to see how you can have fun without breaking the bank!

#1 | Hop on a bike!

London - What is there to do this Autumn?

Image taken by Matt Buck


Ah, the ‘Santander Cycles’, infamously known as the classic Boris Bikes. Costing as little as £2 for 24 hours use is the best way to get around London. Yes, the volume of traffic can seem a little intimidating, but with endless cycle lanes, you can avoid any awkward clashes with cars. My friend and I must have cycled for around 3 hours and made it across several parts of London without breaking too much of sweat! Wave goodbye to the premature winter’s body and feel the nice cool breeze on your face…

#2 | Check out the Museums

Museums – a chance to immerse yourself in the culture, history and all the mysteries, but it comes at a price, a hefty one at that. However, already a city booming with students, London bursts with culture and its people can enjoy it, free of charge! Popular destinations such as Tate Modern, Natural History Museum and the Science Museum are fun for all ages, and you can plan a day in London, for cheap. If you are a culture hunter then you will be eager to discover the 5 wonders of secret London, it is a great read and you’ll be sure to find out some hidden areas.

#3 | To Cronut or not to Cronut…

London - What is there to do this Autumn?

Pic taken from Wikipedia 

The world has produced some fine things, the Dyson Hoover, Sliced Bread and of course the Cronut. What is a Cronut you say? It is an innovative hybrid of a croissant and a doughnut created by pastry chef Dominque Ansel. Each month the flavour of the Cronut changes, and for October it is a good’n. Popcorn and caramel, with a homemade caramel coolant and a mouthwatering popcorn ganache, sprinkled with salted sugar. For you Instagrammers, the deliciously handsome Cronut makes for a great upload too. Yes, I understand £4.70 for a cronut is a little excessive, but oh boy, if it only costs £4.70 to get to Heaven, I’m there!

#4 | Test out your Golfing Skills…

Bozo, Gary, Pablo and Bruce, no I am not talking the top 4 names to name your dog, but in actual fact are the names of mini golf courses at Junkyard Golf. All with quirky themes, mostly aimed at 18 years and plus also comes with a great bar! So grab your friends, brush up on your golfing skills and take a hit at Pablo!

#5 | Take a trip down Brick Lane

London - What is there to do this Autumn?

Pic taken from Jim Linwood

Head down to Brick Lane during Autumn, your kickstart your day at Cereal Killer Café and be mesmerized by the crazy cereal choices, with selections spanning far and wide, even to South Korea, you will be spoiled for choice. Fancy a trendy shopping spree? Bricklane offers a variety of vintage shops, in particular, Atika, previously known as Blitz has some awesome treasures. After all that shopping, it’s time to have another snack, how about a bagel at the 24/7, that’s right, 24/7 Beigel Bake and enjoy their low prices and succulent fillings.

The above is a snapshot of what you can do and taste in London, so if you a student wondering what to do this autumn, take the train or walk out your front door and enjoy what the Capital as to offer.

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