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Make Your Way Through PMI PMP Certification Exam

Things to consider

Guest post by Tim VAN Dort

Project Management Institute (PMI) offers the Project Management Professional (PMP) certifications to individuals who want to take their professional skills to the whole new level. The PMP credential from PMI is one of the most reputed and industry-acknowledged certifications in the world. PMP validates your knowledge and skills required to act as a project manager who guides and directs teams and projects. PMP certified professionals are found in almost any industry regardless of the country. Unlike other certifications that focus on a specific domain or geography, PMP is global, Download Now.

Why PMI PMP Certification?

Here are some reasons why the PMI PMP credential is worth taking:

1. Work flexibility

As a PMP certified professional, you get the opportunity to work in any industry, anywhere you wish. You will be able to implement your favourite methodologies to help your organisation to increase productivity and quality of services.

2.High salary

PMP certification has a significant effect on earning potential. It was observed that individuals holding the PMP certification earn 20% more than project managers without this credential.

3. Benefits for employers

Institutions and businesses who recruit PMP certified employees are much more likely to complete their projects within budget, on time, and in accordance with their original goals.

4. Skill improvement

PMP certification indicates that you are competent in project management and well familiar with the best world practices in this field.This puts you on a par with the most experienced professionals and authorities around the world.

Who Should Apply?

A skilled project manager qualified to apply for PMP PMI certification exam should be able to do the following:

  • Perform their duties with minimal control and be responsible for the fulfilment of the project at hand
  • Direct and guide teams to submit projects within the constraints of budget, resources, and schedule
  • Use a suitable approach to projects with well-defined project deliverables and requirements

Prerequisites for PMI PMP Certification Exam

To acquire the PMP certification, an individual needs to fulfil certain requirements:

  • Have a secondary degree. This can be an associate’s degree, high school diploma or the global equivalent
  • Spend 7,500 hours directing and leading projects
  • Get 35 hours of education in the project management field


  • Have a four-year degree
  • Spend 4,500 hours directing and leading projects
  • Get 35 hours of education in the project management field

After you submit your application and receive confirmation of your skills, you will be eligible for your PMP exam.

PMP Exam Description

PMP is a test consisting of 200 multiple-choice questions. Questions tested in PMP exam are created by project professionals around the globe who collaborate to ascertain that the exam correctly reflects the principles of the profession.

PMP Exam Topics

  • Initiating

Tests the analytical skills, analysis techniques, estimation techniques and tools as well as strategic management skills.

  • Planning

Tests knowledge and skills in procurement planning, communications planning, risk management planning, efficiency and lean principles, quality management planning, and more.

  • Executing

Knowledge and skills tested include the quality standard tools, vendor management techniques, contract management techniques, and project budgeting techniques and tools.

  • Controlling and monitoring

This section tests skills in project finance principles, risk response techniques, project standards, and quality best practices.

  • Closing

Skills tested in this section include the close-out procedures, feedback techniques, transition planning technique, compliance, and project review techniques.

5 Guidelines to Pass PMP Exam

Studying for an exam requires dedication, tremendous efforts, diligence, and time. PMP exam is not that easy as it may seem. It requires thorough preparation to pass it on the first try. To crack your PMP test, use the following tips and techniques:

1. Practice with the exam simulator

This is the latest technology invention which helps the candidates to solve problems they face during the preparation for the exam. The exam simulator offers a virtual testing environment and allows you to conduct your own practice test. Use this software, and you will be able to familiarise with the exam pattern and identify knowledge gaps (if you have any).

2. Examsnap PMP premium bundle

On the Examsnap website, you can get unlimited access to training videos, practice questions, and study guides required to prepare for PMP test. PMP exam dumps and other files are frequently reviewed and updated in order to ensure the relevance of the information.

3. Understand PMBOK guide

Being familiar with the Project Management Body of Knowledge is the most paramount step in cracking PMP exam. Many books are circulating in the market, but nothing can compare to the official guide. The book gives you the conceptual clearness without which it is impossible to pass the exam.

4. Create a study plan

A study plan acts as a roadmap that guides you during your preparation. Identify your strengths and weaknesses and establish achievable goals. Make sure that you allocate enough time for complex topics and don’t forget to revise your notes when your exam is near.

5. Relax

The exam day is always full of anxiety and stress. The majority of candidates fail to perform well because of the pressure and inability to manage their time properly. To avoid this, you should adopt proper time management techniques and concentrate on tackling one question at a time. This is achieved with the help of practice tests.

Final Thoughts

Project managers with the Prepaway PMI PMP certification tend to earn very high salaries. PMI PMP certified professionals can earn an average salary of $104,000, and it is not the limit! Of course, passing PMP exam is not easy, but with the help of quality study materials and good motivation, you will surely clear your PMP exam and become one of the sought-after project managers!