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How to Find Great Deals for London Events, Bars, Sights and More

London doesn’t always have to leave you bankrupt!

By Sylvia Nankivell from Student Money Saver

London isn’t exactly the cheapest destination for going out and about. However don’t let the high prices put you off. There are ways you can save, even in the capital.

Getting deals and discounts is the no-brainer solution. You can find them everywhere – but knowing where to look for the best ones is crucial, from online to out of doors.

We’ve put together a guide on how to get the best out of London’s deals and discounts. Here’s the lowdown on checking out the capital without the price tag…

Things to do

Whether you’re a visitor or a resident, it’s clear London is one of the most diverse locations on the planet. If only there was a way to see all of it in one go, and on a budget…

Guess what? There is! Provided you’ve got your sea legs and it’s a nice day, a boat trip along the Thames sounds perfect. A London Eye cruise costs as little as £12.

Should you prefer to keep your feet on solid ground, an alternative bus tour sets you back a mere tenner. Thankfully London is big on travel discounts like an Oyster card.

The theatre scene is a pricey proposition, yet budget-friendly entertainment is only a Tube ride away. For example, pub quizzes are a classic and, above all, cheap night out.

Plus, treading the boards shouldn’t burn a hole on your wallet. Head to, who have a designated page for performances that don’t cost a packet.

For a list of London attraction websites, go to our dedicated page here

Free stuff

A great thing about London that you may not know… there’s a lot of free stuff out there to see! Such a historic location is loaded with notable sights.

Here’s the thing. It may sound old and stuffy, but the Changing of the Guard is one hell of a spectacle. This free British tradition is well worth checking out. Read more here.

How to find great deals for London events, bars, sights and more

Pic taken from Pixabay

Fancy delving deeper into London’s history? The renowned British Museum is – believe it or not – free to enter, though some exhibitions require payment.

The best that modern London has to offer is concentrated at Brick Lane in the East End. Art, discount eateries and a cool selection of vintage gear can all be found there.

Or if you want something more action-packed, the skate park under Queen Elizabeth Hall on the South Bank is a go-to destination for artistic and sometimes death-defying antics…

Cheap eats

The capital is a big place, and you need energy to keep up with the fast pace. A discounted meal or snack is essential. But where do you find stomach fillers like that?

How to find great deals for London events, bars, sights and more

Pic taken from Pixabay

It’s not rocket science. But it does need some thought. London is stacked with places to eat, but many of them are expensive.

There is a raft of information on budget-busting meals available at the click of a mouse. Some deals can score you a quality feed for under £20.

And of course you can quench your thirst with any number of deals and discounts relating to pints and cocktails. Or if a caffeine fix is more your thing, that’s on offer too.

Cheap food is one of London’s great perks, once you know the tricks behind tracking it down… read more about that here.

Further tricks

Deals in London are there for the taking. But there are always things you can do on top, to push those discounts a little bit lower. Have you thought about these…?

Cashback. This works by companies effectively paying you money to purchase. All you do is click on the cashback links to receive a free payout. Some of their deals are free.

Vouchers. These are an excellent way of further reducing what you pay on already cheap deals. Keeping up with the latest offers is a must.

Freebies, freebies, freebies. With so many young businesses and enthusiastic sellers out there, you’re never far away from a free sample of food or drink.

Always be on the lookout. Once you get into the business of looking for deals, you’ll find it becomes rather addictive!