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Moving to South London on a Budget

Four great locations to consider when moving to South London

By Ben Gregory (Guest Blog Post)

We all know London isn’t the best place to be on a budget at the moment, but there are options to stay in the capital that we so adore.With rent prices as sky high as they’ve ever been in the centre, many Londoners are hotfooting it further out of the centre in order to live more affordably, getting the best of both worlds with a downsize. This post takes a look at Southern boroughs that are more budget friendly.

Richmond | South West London

By Diliff - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Richmond Riverside –  By Diliff – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

If you have a family and you want to settle down in the capital but want more leeway when it comes to prices, Richmond could be for you. Specialist property and lettings agents with great knowledge of the Richmond area are on hand to advise you on the best options for your needs. Despite its royal heritage and close proximity to the centre, it may surprise you that Richmond of all the boroughs is actually pretty reasonably priced at 20% lower than average London rental prices. You can find a one or two bedroom flat ranging from £1000-£1500 per month and if you are able split the cost with a friend the prices are very reasonable for one of South London’s hottest locations.

Croydon | South London

By Pafcool2 - Own work, Public Domain,

Queens Gardens in Croydon – By Pafcool2 – Own work

Cast your prejudices aside, Croydon is up and coming, both as a hotspot for digital start-up businesses, and for street food. Notably, popular street food outlet Boxpark in Shoreditch has opened another outlet in Croydon. The area is a hotspot of culture in the south of London with lots of independent shops, restaurants and pop ups emerging. It may be in Zone 5, but Croydon boasts being excellently linked – fancy getting to London Bridge or Gatwick airport in 15 minutes from East Croydon? The area is attracting both young professionals and families alike as prices seem to be remaining in a more affordable bracket. There are plenty of great little one bedrooms studio flats from as little as £190 per week. These flats are great and are a lot easier to keep warm in the winter so you will also be able to save on unwanted electricity costs.

Bexley | South East London

By Andrew Bowden -, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Entering Bexley – By Andrew Bowden – CC BY-SA 2.0

A cheaper London borough for families – especially those whose children have left home and are wishing to downsize. Bexley has excellent schools, reasonable housing prices and has a decent commute to Charing Cross or Cannon Street at around 40 minutes. It also boasts better air quality, lower population density and a decent sense of community. There are lots of small independent shops, businesses and boutiques on the high street so it doesn’t feel too much like a cut-and-copied generic suburb. The rental prices in Bexley can be very cheap and you also might want to consider a house share which can bring the prices down even more, you can be looking at rental prices for as little as £99 per week.

Clapham | South West London

Von Danny Robinson, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Sibella Road SW4 – By Danny Robinson, CC BY-SA 2.0

Whether you are settling down with a family, an aspiring young professional or starting life as a student you can be sure to find somewhere in Clapham that’s suits your interests. As one of the trendier places to live in London rent prices have been steadily rising however, depending on which part of Clapham you choose to live you will be able to find somewhere that meets your budget. Clapham Junction is one of the liveliest parts of the area and is a brilliant place for shopping and a bite to eat. This would be a great place to move in with a friend and you would only be a short 10 minute train journey out from the centre of London. Rent prices here for a two bedroom flat can start from £300 per week.

Wherever you choose to focus your house hunt, be sure to do all your research. If your move is mainly for downsizing reasons, these boroughs have a lot to offer in the way of affordability and proximity to central London for commuters. Check out your transport options and prices for guidance on commuting distances if this is one of your main priorities.