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Free Cinema Tickets in London

Watch film previews for free through Showfilmfirst!

Tip by Jen (@JenBarnes207)

Showfilmfirst came across my radar 2 years ago. The idea is this: the film industry needs to make movies that people love so that word-of-mouth spreads and pretty soon everyone is saying “The movie is awesome!” So how do they help this process along? By giving people free cinema tickets. Seriously!

Showfilmfirst arranges screenings and invites their members. You get to see a movie for free and hopefully rave about it online. Easy.

Once you create an account (which by the way is free), Showfilmfirst will match you to local screenings of movies for which you are the target audience (so you won’t be invited to EVERYTHING). Sometimes they’ll get concert tickets, too. It just keeps getting better!

Of course, there are a few rules, which you can find on Showfilmfirst ‘s website. If you think you can handle their rules and want to start seeing new movies for free, sign up. Doesn’t seem like you have anything to lose.

Showfilmfirst - Free Cinema Tickets in London

pic taken by Showfilmfirst ‘s Facebook page

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