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Student Guide: The Most In-Demand Jobs for 2020

The 10 most in-demand jobs for Students

Guest post by Alyssa Johnson

You still haven’t decided what career you want to pursue? There’s nothing strange with that. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s okay to explore multiple opportunities before you settle for one career path.

We’ve all watched older generations struggle with unemployment, so we’d like to choose something that would lead us to a comfortable lifestyle.

We’ll list 10 most in-demand jobs that open the doors to a bright future.

#1 | Epidemiologist

2020 was supposed to be a good year for humanity. We all expected that. But we faced a global crisis with the Coronavirus, and we still don’t know where it will take us.

In these difficult times, we realized how important medical researchers are. Epidemiologists help humanity to overcome any obstacle. Now more than ever, we realize that a great professional from this niche will never be jobless.

#2 | Dentist

The median salary for dentists in the USA is over $151K. The unemployment rate in this sector is only 0.9%

Dentistry is not an easy thing to learn. It’s a demanding career that requires commitment, skill, and a great deal of knowledge. You’ll never stop learning when you become a dentist. But it’s a productive career; that’s for sure.

#3 | Academic Writer

The need for academic writing services is on the rise. If you check, you’ll see that the company offers all types of papers for students. Business owners also rely on these services when they need business plans, case studies, and content for marketing.

If you have great writing skills, you can benefit from them regardless of the type of degree you get. These companies offer assistance in math, programming, literature, social sciences, and more.

You’ll build a career related to your major, but you can also become an academic writer in the meantime.

#4 | Psychiatrist

There’s a misconception that a psychiatrist is the same thing as a psychologist or public school counselor.

There’s a big difference: psychiatrists are medical doctors. They can work in clinics or in their private practices. Their job involves illness diagnosis, treatment management, and actual therapy for those who need it.

Psychology is arguably the most interesting niche of all. It deals with the human mind on its conscious and subconscious levels. You can never get bored with a job like this. It will be challenging, to say the least. But you’ll be helping people, and you’ll understand them when nobody else does.

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#5 | Veterinarian

Student Guide: The Most In-Demand Jobs for 2020

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The median salary for veterinarians in the USA is $93,830 at the moment. The salary outlook is very optimistic for the future.

It’s no secret: people care about their pets and all other animals. They invest in their wellbeing more than ever. They will take their pets to the vet regularly, and they will do whatever it takes to see them healthy.

If you have great love for animals and you’re not afraid to do some dirty work, this is a great career choice for you.

#6 | Market Research Analyst

Business owners understand that they cannot achieve success without a proper marketing campaign. They cannot build one without market research. They often rely on market research analysts, who scan the target audience, competition, and market conditions. They develop an analysis that helps businesses to tailor their marketing campaigns and bring better products to their audiences.

The job outlook for this professional is well above the average.

#7 | Physical Therapist

Physical therapists are not endangered by pseudo-therapists who never attended school. These are real professionals, and their clients know how to appreciate them.

To become a physical therapist, you will need a graduate degree and a license by your state.

The American healthcare system provides reimbursement for services in physical therapy. This enables more people to benefit from this service. Thus, the demand for physical therapists is constantly increasing.

#8 | Cybersecurity Specialist

We’re hit by a few massive cybersecurity scandals each year. We’ve recently seen an increase in transparency, so we know how different websites and companies use our data. People are getting paranoid, so they demand more security than ever.

Cybersecurity specialists are required in the IT industry, and that will not change in the future. Companies need them to keep financial services and computer networks safe. However, these professionals are also irreplaceable for the defense and space industries.

#9 | JavaScript Developer

JavaScript developers have a big growth in the annual demand over the past few years. Everyone wants a website nowadays. Business owners no longer rely on free WordPress themes, since they know that their site has to be unique.

JavaScript developers offer more than web development. They also offer financial services, various types of computer software, and marketing assistance to businesses and governmental organizations.

As long as you’re highly skilled and you plan to keep learning after graduation, this is a great career for you to consider.

#10 | Interpreter

The world is more connected than ever.

It’s time for us to stop demanding everyone to know English. English is not the only language in the world, and not everybody knows it. The need for interpreters is not gone. In fact, we need them more than ever.

If you ever watch a UN event, you’ll see that interpreters are very much engaged.

You don’t need to major in a language to become an interpreter. You only need a BA degree and great knowledge (and some kind of certification) in any foreign language.

With this profession, you can work as an interpreter for multinational companies, governments, and international organizations.

What’s the Best Job in 2020?

It’s the job that will make you happy, but will also give you access to several career opportunities. We gave you a list of various jobs from different industries. You’ll surely like a few of them. Consider your options well. While you’re still a student, you have a great advantage: you can choose!


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Alyssa Johnson is a blogger and academic writing tutor. She always found student life impressive. Her goal is to convince students to live to the fullest while they still can. When they graduate, the job will spoil everything.