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Top 5 Free Lunch Break Activities in London

Great free daily lunchtime activities By Afro (follow her on Twitter: @graphiclondoner) Here at Broke in London, we support an on-going resolution to maintain a balance between your work life and your lunch break. Stylist’s Reclaim Your Lunch Break campaign taught us how to start owning our lunch breaks again, (find more inspiration by...
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Free Studio Audience Tickets in London

Get tv studio audience tickets for free! by Kelly Henderson (follow Kelly on Twitter: @kellythekiwi) Love quiz shows, talent contests and reality TV? Read this to find out how to watch for free the filming of your favourite shows! I love competition TV so I have always wanted to go and...
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Free Cinema Tickets in London

Watch film previews for free through Showfilmfirst! Tip by Jen (@JenBarnes207) Showfilmfirst came across my radar 2 years ago. The idea is this: the film industry needs to make movies that people love so that word-of-mouth spreads and pretty soon everyone is saying “The movie is awesome!” So how do they...
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First Thursdays in East London

Late night art on the first Thursday of each month Did you know that on the first Thursday of every month, over 150 galleries and museums in east London open their doors late till 21:00 with free events, receptions, talks, exhibitions and private views? It’s a great chance to experience east London’s...
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Orange Wednesdays

Get Cheap Film Tickets By Joshua Neil The middle of the week is always the hardest, and just at that time when you want to go out and relax with friends, you’re often getting cautious of the week’s budget and starting to horde your change. It can be frustrating, and...
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