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Easy to Get Jobs in London

Top 6 easy to get jobs in London by Liila Here we propose a top 6 easy to get jobs in London that can be done on a part-time but also if you’re lucky full-time basis. Some of them are particularly suited to a student lifestyle or to someone who already has mini-jobs and is searching for...
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How to Find a Cafe Job in London

5 Handy Tips to get a cafe job in London by Liila We have already written about 5 easy-to-get jobs in London, and now we will focus on how to find a cafe job. This is an old story. Every young man or woman who moved to London in order...
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Working as a Front of House Assistant in London

A guide to Front of House Assistant Jobs by Liila What do usher, host, and ambassador all have in common? They’re different job titles referring to a front of house assistant. It’s a fairly common job in London, due to the high number of theatres, cultural centres, cinemas, and art...
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Finding a Payroll Job in London

“Money makes the world go round.” This famous line from Cabaret is certainly true in the world of payroll, with payroll departments given the responsibility of ensuring that employees of a business are paid correctly and on time. In addition to making sure that workers receive the money they are...
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Job Hunting Tips

Prepare your bow and arrow for some hunting! By Manolis Zografakis Job hunting is not as fun as it sounds as it needs great effort, patience and too much free time. However, if you like to spend time in front of the laptop doing research and distributing CVs and cover...
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