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Tips for Spaniards Living in London

Making the move as easy as possible

By Adam Stokes

Here at BrokeinLondon, we decided to compile all the best information for living in the UK for all the Spaniards moving to London, as well as those who are already here. All the information you expatriates need is in one place, from travelling to eating and drinking and even looking for jobs and places to stay. Our living in London guide has got you covered so that you can enjoy everything the capital has to offer without worrying about the little things… and best of all, all our tips were given to us for Spaniards, by Spaniards, so you know it’s info you can trust.

We reached out to two of our favourite Spanish bloggers for their ultimate tips on how to survive the exciting move from Spain to London.

Ainara Moreno runs specifically for people like you! Head of a relocation agency, her goal is to make sure that your transition from España goes as smoothly as possible. Her job is to help you get here quickly and easily with no complications.

Ainara Moreno


Javier Vte Rejas is a Spanish expat who uses his Blog MarchaVale to discuss all things London. As a chef, much of his content revolves around food, but he’s no stranger to dishing out advice and photographs surrounding his new lifestyle either.

Tips for Spaniards Living in London


Read on to find out all their best tips on how to adapt to living in London, the best places for food and entertainment, and their favourite places in the capital.

Surviving In The Capital

Here are our bloggers top tips for making the most of living in the capital, from the best ways to save money to battling homesickness…

Ainara’s top tips

  • “Don’t be shy to speak English.” That’s right, it will make you more comfortable with travelling round London and you’ll learn much quicker through interaction with all the friendly locals.
  • “Avoid taking the tube and instead use the buses to travel everywhere.” If you learn to use the buses, you’ll discover London from up top so it’ll help you get around much easier… and it’ll save you precious pennies too!
  • Bring some Spanish food back with you because you’ll definitely miss it!” Before you leave good old Spain, or if you ever venture back, be sure to try and bring back a taste of home with you.
Spanish chorizo sausage

Chorizo – Pic taken from

Javier’s top tips

  •  “Don’t forget about traditional Spanish cuisine!” We totally agree, sometimes all the belly needs is a little Pincho, Escalivada or maybe even Tumbet to remind you of your Spanish community back home.
  • “Buy fresh food, you will find it much cheaper than frozen or pre-cooked stuff.” Definitely take this advice, as it’s usually way tastier too.
  • Buy tickets in advance so you can get them cheaper.” If you’re ever making a trip back home, always try and leave enough time to get the best possible prices.

Filling Your Belly…

Now you’ve got their best tips for saving money and settling in, let’s talk food! London is home to some of the nicest places in the world to eat, drink and relax, but not all of them come with such a friendly price tag. The cost of living can be hard, that’s why we’ve got the lowdown on where to go to enjoy your lunch or dinner on a budget, including the supermarkets in case you want to rustle something up yourself.

Ainara’s favourite Café’s, Restaurants and Supermarkets

  • Patisserie Valerie’s pastries and cakes are delicious, you won’t be able to resist!” Patisserie Valerie offers a wide range of locations, serving up delicious pastries, cakes and coffees every day.
  • “I love Wagamama’s food, the prices are reasonable and the dishes are big.” So, the perfect place to go to fill your belly on a budget. Also, with branches all over London, you shouldn’t have to travel too far to find one.
  • “All Waitrose’s food is delicious and their meat is the best! They provide the freshest food in town. It is a bit expensive though” Though it may not be perfect for your regular shop, Waitrose is perfect for a special occasion.

Treatbox – Pic taken from Patisserie Valerie Facebook page

Javier’s favourite Café’s, Restaurants and Supermarkets

  • With “Good quality products and home cooked produce,” Clerkenwell café is the perfect place to sit down for an afternoon snack. You can find it right in the centre of London between the Barbican and Farringdon stations.
  • “The set lunch menu is quite cheap and the quality is amazing.” With that coming from a professional, you’d be silly not to visit The Ledbury in Notting Hill, which boasts not one but two Michelin Stars. For something a little more refined without the price tag you’d expect, it’s definitely worth giving a go.
  • Morrisons is a cheap supermarket with good quality and varied products.” For the chef inside you that wants to make your own dinner, this supermarket should be able to offer everything you’re looking for.
Tips for Spaniards Living in London

Pic taken from

Where to Go?

Whether you’re looking for the best place to live or the best place to party, we asked Ainara and Javier for a short list of some of their favourite places to be in London. Whatever tickles your fancy, there’s always somewhere you can go in the versatile capital.

Ainara’s favourite places

  • “I loved living in Wimbledon! The relaxed feeling and green environment were what drew me in.” Wimbledon boasts plenty of entertainment opportunities without the hustle and bustle of the centre of London. With a more suburban, relaxed feel to it, it’s a beautiful part of the capital day or night.
  • “I really enjoy going out in Clapham, and I also love Soho.” Both these areas are always sure to provide a fun and exciting night out, with Clapham home to an array of American dining experiences too.

Javier’s favourite places

  •  “Bermondsey is quite a nice area that is very foodie and well connected by transport links.” This district in South London promises entertainment for whatever you’re into. Though some places may seem a little hidden, it makes it all the more fun searching for them.
  • “The West End is the centre of the whole of London, full of clubs, pubs and restaurants!” Literally the hub of entertainment when in London, as long as you don’t mind a busy and lively atmosphere, it never usually fails in providing an eventful night out.
Tips for Spaniards Living in London

Pic taken from

Most Useful Websites

Moving to the UK can be hard, even if you’ve mastered the lingo and come prepared. Looking for jobs and places to stay is never easy, but with our bloggers best recommended sites below, you can be one step closer to getting yourself organised, whether you’re looking for careers in London or a place to stay.

Ainara’s favourite Job Board

  • “I always like to check on Indeed.” Finding a job in London can be made much easier with Indeed, one of the most commonly used job board sites in the UK. With an easy to use website and detailed search criteria, it can point you in the right direction when looking for work.

Javier’s favourite Job Board

  • “Try Forolondres.” For something catered specifically for you, and written in Spanish, Forolondres  provides a large range of information for the expatriate, as well as a list of suitable and relevant job vacancies in London

Ainara and Javier’s favourite Accommodation website

  • “Always Gumtree.” Gumtree can be used to find almost anything. When it comes to looking for a place to stay, it’s quick, easy and helpful. With a list of rooms, buildings and prices, it shouldn’t be too long before you’re unpacking and getting settled in. (Plus, Javier and Ainara both chose it! So where better is there to go?)

Our Spanish bloggers have provided you with all their best tips, ideas, locations and websites that they feel will give you that much needed head start when landing in the capital. Though moving away from home is always a challenge, we’ve tried to make it that little bit easier – so share our tips for Spaniards living in London with any other expatriates who are new to the capital, as well as those who are thinking of joining us soon.

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