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2 Years BrokeinLondon

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Happy Birthday to us! Can you believe it? Today BrokeinLondon is celebrating 2 productive awesome years of living large with empty pockets! That’s right, it was 2 years ago on this date that we emerged in to the digital world!

We would like to THANK YOU ALL for supporting BrokeinLondon as we’ve grown, our incredible bloggers (Kelly, Afro, Jen) for their super posts and all the lovely people who have helped our initiative the past 2 years! You are ALL awesome!

To mark the occasion we’ve asked the amazing illustrator Hannah Asen to create a kick ass poster and that’s what she did!

Brokeinlondon by Hannah Asen

Brokeinlondon’s 2 years anniversary by Hannah Asen

Hannah is a freelance illustrator specialising in children’s books. Born in London, she studied and worked in Edinburgh and Madrid before relocating to Berlin in 2010 to explore its creative scene. Upping sticks to Kreuzberg was the inspirational tonic that lead her to pursue her lifelong passion for illustration as a career, and so too her apartment filled with inks, paints and characters. When she’s not drawing pictures or inventing stories, you’ll find her cycling through the city on a small golden bicycle called Dennis.

You can check more of Hannah’s awesome illustrations on her website www.hannahasen.com and follow her on twitter @HannahAsen.

Hannah Asen photo

Photo by Marie-Cecile Embleton

We will post one more artwork regarding our second anniversary from another great artist in the next weeks! We’ll keep you posted!