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5 Job Hunting Tips for Recent Graduates

‘To the Class of 2015…’

By Olivia from StudentJob.co.uk

Graduation is fast approaching, meaning it is time to start thinking about brushing the dust off your CV and getting yourself recognised in the big world of work! This may feel like a daunting challenge. Don’t panic, keep calm, we are here to help you get through this!

Grab all your knowledge you have learn’t throughout your time at university and all your relevant experiences, to discover your perfect graduate job. There are so many different ways to hunt down a job, which could be perfect for you. We have put together 5 tops tips to help you get through this tough time and hunt down the perfect graduate job!

#1 Work the net

Years and years of being at university, you can now put all of your sourcing skills to work. Close down all your distractions and focus on the task at hand. There are some great Student Job Sites out there, which provide graduates, just like yourself with some fantastic job opportunities. Sites likes Student Job, who are committed to finding you graduates jobs in your region. Websites like this, allow graduates to discover jobs they may not have even thought of before, therefore creating more undiscovered careers!

#2 Going back to basics

Take a leap back in time and grab yourself a newspaper, yes a newspaper! Searching on the internet is a brilliant idea but if you wanting a local job, vacancies like these may not appear online. Another way would be to contact your Careers department at your University, as they may have partnered up with local businesses that offer graduate roles. Sometimes it’s better to use different search techniques to get a wider choice!

#3 Get yourself out there

All depending on what type of job role you are looking for, getting yourself out there can make a huge difference between getting rejected and getting hired. In today’s society it is becoming more and more difficult to make recent graduates stand out from the crowd.

Take it upon yourself to let your chosen companies, know who you are. So when they come across your application, they can put a face to a name, instead of a name to a face. Make sure you use skills like:

  • Motivation
  • Enthusiasm
  • Sociable

Don’t forget to have a great graduate CV in hand and a big smile, so you’re fully prepared for anything!

5 Job hunting tips for recent Graduates

Go and meet them face-to-face

#4 Chit chat away

Networking is a brilliant way of not only getting a job but meeting contacts, in which may become useful in the future. Ask around if anyone knows of any vacancies, there is no harm in asking:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Professionals (From university or outside)

Even if they can only give you guidance or feedback, that worth listening to and taking on board. You’d be amazed how much information people can give you, when you’re looking for a graduate job.

#5 Experience something different

Ready to leave university but not quite ready to enter into the world of work? Why don’t you try a voluntary role! There are lots of wonderful opportunities out there for you, waiting to be discovered! You will not only be able to have an adventure but the experience you will receive, will set you apart from all the other graduates. Therefore becoming useful when looking for that perfect Graduate job!

For graduate and full-time jobs in London head over to Studentjob.co.uk and if you have any questions or queries, send them over to info@studentjob.co.uk.

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