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5 Reasons Your CV Design is Important

Because employers do judge a book by its cover!

By Hayley from Jobulo

When writing a CV and applying for a job, many candidates spend a lot of time concentrating on the content and key skills listed on their CV. And whilst this is crucial, there is another aspect of CV writing that needs some attention. Many candidates spend so much time concentrating on the content of their CV that they spend less time, or sometimes even ignore, the design and layout.

Whilst good content is vital to improving job interview chances, the design of your CV can be just as crucial. Here are 5 reasons why CV design is so important and some ways you can improve yours.

#1 First Impressions

Many employers do actually judge a book by its cover. Especially if they receive hundreds of applications for a role they are advertising. If an employer receives multiple applications then the need to make your CV design stand-out becomes even more crucial. If you send a CV in that is poorly laid out and looks messy, then what chance does it stand against the hundreds of other CVs in the pile?

#2 Demonstrates You Are Professional

When an employer receives your CV they will automatically make some judgements. They will be judging your professionalism, attention to detail and enthusiasm for the role in order to decide whether to invite you to a job interview or not. If they receive your CV and it looks messy, an employer will automatically question your professionalism and desire for the role. If you didn’t spend much time on creating your CV, are you that serious about the job?

#3 Easy to Navigate

Having a poorly laid out CV makes it incredibly difficult for an employer to navigate your CV. When you send an employer your CV you want them to be able to find your key skills immediately. If your content isn’t in order then it can take an employer a lot longer than necessary to find these details.

5 Reasons why CV Design is Important

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#4 Demonstrates You Are Organised

A CV that lacks design and layout indicates that the person who created it lacks organisation skills and attention to detail. These are two attributes most employers look for so it’s crucial that you demonstrate this in your CV writing.

#5 Stands Out

As the job market is so competitive, you need to make your CV stand out from the crowd. If your it looks messy and is in a pile of other CVs that look more interesting and inviting to read, your CV won’t stand a chance! Design is important to help you stand out from the competition.

Extra Tips: When you next sit down to update your CV, look at the design. Is it eye catching? Is it laid out in sections? Is your work experience in chronological order and easy to navigate? Are your key skills listed as bullet points and do they stand out? And is there anything else you could be doing with your CV font, colours and design to make it stand out from your competition?


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