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Swaprs: A new online marketplace for swapping

An online marketplace that lets you swap almost anything

Guest post by Luca Poppi

If you’ve never considered swapping your stuff before, this brand new platform might change your mind! Swaprs is an online marketplace that makes it easy to connect with others around you and exchange things you don’t want anymore for things you do. For example, you can list your old jigsaw puzzle and exchange it for someone else’s. Or use it to replace your spare clothes with new toys for your child. The beauty of it is that you can swap almost any combination of items. And it’s not just material things like books, furniture or bicycles. You can even exchange services such as language lessons, cooking classes or pet sitting!

To get started, simply create an account (it’s free) and list any items or services you wish to offer. You can navigate their marketplace to discover stuff you want and to send and receive swap requests. The final step is chatting with users using the messaging feature to make arrangements. This process should be familiar to you if you’ve used Facebook Marketplace before.

So if you have any items, skills or spare time you’d like to share with others, finding out what you could get in return is just a few clicks away!

Why swapping?

We all have stuff lying around the house that we never use, or that someone else could make better use of. Bartering can be a great way to get more people involved in the circular economy and help keep useful stuff away from landfills. While switching to a more thrifty way to shop isn’t going to solve all the world’s environmental problems, but it is a step in the right direction. And if you’re running low on funds, swapping is also a great way to get what you want without spending any money.

Swaprs is completely free to use so definitely worth checking them out!