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British Council Study Work Create

Boost your employability with international opportunities

Would you like the chance to showcase your creativity on an international stage? Or perhaps gaining hands on experience within a global business floats your boat? Maybe you fancy exploring a new culture and learning a new language to boot?  If any of these scenarios sound appealing, then British Council Study Work Create could be the place for you!

Study Work Create is British Council’s ‘one-stop shop’ for study opportunities, international work experience and creative development for young people and young professionals between the age of 18 and 30 living in the UK. They have gathered up all their placements, jobs, schemes and programmes and plonked them all into one handy website to make it easier for all of us to find something amazing to take part in. The vast majority of their opportunities are fully funded so you won’t be out of pocket, and you’ll receive support and information from their British Council programme teams throughout the application process right through until the day you depart on your adventure.

Here’s a brief selection of the types of fantastic opportunities they offer and check out British Council Study Work Create website for many more:

#1 IAESTE work placements

If you are currently undertaking a higher or further education course in science, engineering technology or applied arts, then you might be interested in spending 6-52 weeks working abroad on a paid industry work placement through our IAESTE programme. An IAESTE work placement gives you the chance to gain real hands-on salaried work experience with top employers in one of over 80 countries. You’ll learn cutting-edge practices and technical knowledge from research institutes, consulting firms, laboratories and other high profile employers that will make you CV stand out from the crowd.

Deadline: The next deadline is September 2015 so check out British Council’s website for more information.

British Council Study Work Create

Ted Bellamy – IAESTE placement in Berlin

#2 Artists international Development Fund

If you are a freelance or self-employed artist based in England, the Artists’ International Development Fund aims to support one of your projects by helping you build connections with other artists, organisations and/or creative producers internationally. Run in collaboration with the Arts Council England, they award small grants from £1000-£5000 to artists from any discipline to help you build links with industry professionals in another country. Find out whether you will be eligible to apply.

Deadline: Round of applications closes at 5pm on Wednesday 14 October 2015.

#3 Generation UK China Scholarships

China is one of the largest global economies, with a world-class university education system. By undertaking a Generation UK Scholarship you will get the chance to immerse yourself in one of the world’s most unique and ancient cultures, to learn an internationally recognised business language, and to study in top quality higher education institutions. This opportunity is offered to students or recent graduates, and there are a number of recruitment rounds throughout the academic year. To find out more, visit the website or sign up to the Generation UK email alerts to be kept up to date.

Deadline: The deadline for applications varies depending on the province you’re applying for.

British Council Study Work Create

Qinghua University campus in Beijing – Generation UK Scholarships

#4 Youth in Action

Do you have an idea for a project to help your community? Are you looking for guidance and funding to develop it further?  Youth in Action helps you to develop your own social enterprise project by offering professional development, funding opportunities and the chance to meet new like-minded people in other European countries to develop your cultural awareness. You can apply for Youth in Action at any point throughout the year. To find out more, visit British Council’s website.

British Council Study Work Create

Alastair Hunt-Language Assistants programme Argentina

This is just a small sample of what they have on offer at Study Work Create. Explore their website for more opportunities and don’t forget to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to be kept up to date with our latest news and opportunities.

Check below some more awesome photos from Erasmus Participants:

British Council Study Work Create

Katherine Ovens – Erasmus Participants in Germany

British Council Study Work Create

Erasmus participant – Sweden

Visa Requirement

Be sure to check if you need a visa to work in the country of your choice. Most countries allow students on a visa to work part-time. However, there are countries where there are restrictions on the amount of hours that visa-holders can work. Therefore, be sure to check all requirements before hand. You will need to check and arrange that part before you leave the UK. You could ask one of the above schemes or contact an acting agency like Passport agency London and ask them to do the job for you. If you chose the second option, you’ll have to check the requirements for your application type, send them your application and then wait for their reply. It will be also wise to check any Passport legalisation and perhaps apostille a passport copy so that you have proof of the authenticity of the document (just in case). Keep in mind that visa prices vary between countries and nationalities. For example, the Saudi visa fee is different than the China visa fee.

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