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Earn Extra Money in the City using Micro-jobbing Apps

Explore London in a whole new way

By Mallory McNally (Sponsored Post)

We all know how expensive it is to visit, let alone live in London, but very few know that there are easy ways to earn a little extra money while exploring the city. It’s time to make the most of being in London, nowhere else is it as easy to earn a little extra cash. One way is through micro-jobbing apps like AppJobber, with which you can do small paid tasks all over London and the UK.

A Micro-Jobbing Adventure in London

Micro-jobbing is a concept that allows smartphone users to earn money by completing small tasks that only take a few minutes. One task, for example, is documenting London’s car charging stations with a few simple photos. For each job you receive at least £1. By no means will anyone become rich by doing micro-jobs, but some extra spending money is realistic – exactly what everyone wants!

Earn Extra Money in the City using Micro-jobbing Apps

Micro-Jobbing App

Now, let the jobbing-adventure begin! I Started my trip from home and earned the first pound while getting familiar with the app, pretty easy! The tour I chose is a nice walk from Buckingham Palace to Tower Bridge, this way I get to see many of London’s famous sights and earn 30 pounds on the way!

I picked up the first £7 between Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square, continuing on toward Covent Garden where there were another £10 waiting for me. By the time I reached St. Pauls Cathedral I earned my first 20 quid. For the second part of the tour I crossed the bridge to the Globe Theater and walked up to the Tower of London and earned my last £10 of the day.

That’s £30 by the end of the route, enough for a rewarding treat! For those with more energy than me there are endless possibilities to keep going just be open to where the tasks will take you!

Micro-Jobbing App

My Micro-jobbing tour

My tip: Only upload the jobs when you’re connected to Wi-Fi as it can eat up some mobile data. However, in London there are many Free Wi-Fi hotspots so you don’t need to worry that much.

Even without planning a proper tour, just start the app at anytime and follow the money earning trail through London and many other UK cities.

One big bonus: AppJobber is available for free for both iOS and Android phones. Once registered, jobs can be done immediately. AppJobber only features paid tasks, no task goes unrewarded and the money earned will be transferred straight to a PayPal account. So, it’s a great way to see London and earn real cash! For further info go to appjobber.co.uk.

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