Finding the Right Student Accommodation in London

Choosing the Right London Student Accommodation for You

Important things to consider 

Moving to any new city can be intimidating. When moving to a city the size of London to study it is difficult to know where to start when considering where you will live. With all kinds of student accommodation available you need to know what to look for when considering your options. There’s a choice of university or private halls, shared facilities or en suite and whether you want to be cater or cook for yourself. Here are some things to think about when making the important decision of choosing your London student accommodation.

#1 Location

An obvious one but there is perhaps more to think about than you may first imagine. Not only do you want to be near to where your lectures will take place but other amenities may also be important to you. If you are self-catered you will want a handy supermarket; if you are thinking of going back home regularly, you may want to be near to a national railway station; and if you drive you may want to look to the outskirts where there is more on street parking or a car park facility.

#2 Private or University

Many students when first going to university only consider the halls provided by their school. This is understandable as they are often cheaper and have academic facilities provided by the university. However, there are many plus points to private halls. With private halls there is a large range of prices, they can have more facilities and companies provide most of the facilities like security, support team and communal spaces. When considering London student accommodation it is helpful to remember you have plenty of options. For example, Amber is an international accommodation booking platform that assists millions of students in finding their perfect home abroad from student housing in London to student accommodation in Oxford.

Choosing the Right London Student Accommodation for You

Student accommodation

#3 Security

Feeling secure in your new home will be very important to you. It is worth looking into the security systems of the halls you are considering moving into. Some will have 24-hour guards and others will have fob access systems.

#4 Kitchen

When going to university you may be cooking for yourself for the first time. You can put this off for a year by going for catered halls. If you are planning on fending for yourself make sure the kitchen has all the facilities you need and ensure the cleaning provisions suit you.

#5 Common Rooms

The social aspect of university is more important to some than others. A lot of halls of residence do not have communal spaces for you to socialise with your new housemates. If this is important to you check how big the kitchen area is or whether there are common rooms in the building. It is much cheaper than going to the pub every time you want to spend some quality time with your new friends.

#6 Previous Residents

You can never be 100% certain that the halls you choose will be right for you. One of the best ways to get an accurate verdict on a place is to ask people who have lived there and experienced it. Often there are social media groups relating to halls or you can just make sure you ask plenty of questions to residents when you look around your prospective flat.

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