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How to make £50 fast in London in 2022

By Eloise Empleton

Although London is a great city to find work in, with so many opportunities to be found, there are times when we all find ourselves in need of a little extra cash. So if you’re thinking…how can I make money fast? Read on! As there are many ways to make a further £10, £20, £50 or more from time to time or on a more regular basis.

In this day and age it’s quite possible to find ways to make money from home, without even stepping foot outside! How wonderful the modern world is! Let’s explore options available at the click of your fingertips…

Make Money from answering Online activities

1. Answering Online Surveys

You can register with Intellizoom and complete online surveys. This is an easy and convenient way to make money remotely. You’ll need a reliable internet connection and either a computer, laptop or smartphone. You must be at least 18 years old and bear in mind that you must be able to sit somewhere you can hear and concentrate whilst completing the surveys. You’ll also need to download the required software to your device and be aware that a camera and microphone will also be required for completion of the surveys. Payment is made into your PayPal account. You can also use Toluna or Lifepoints  to complete online surveys.

2. Answering polls, product reviews and watching videos:

If you’re always online doing something then it’s worth considering signing up to Swagbucks! If you’re a gamer then this really could be for you as you can earn money for doing something you love, which you would be doing anyway. You earn points which can then be cashed in. You can also involve yourself in further online activities including completing surveys, answering polls and watching videos.  Swagbucks is also recognised by the Money Saving Expert and there is a link you can access from this site in order to bag extra bonus points which will result in you receiving an extra £20 in gift cards to spend once you’ve earned £10, which is a nice little incentive to get you started. It is noteworthy that you can convert your points to cash by transferring what you’ve accumulated to your paypal account but this does not end up being the best value for money, as it requires you to earn more points. You can instead opt for gift cards to spend and obtain these faster with less points. Swagbucks also offers the opportunity to receive cashback on the purchases you make and dining out as well as offers coupons, which helps you to be financially in a better position with these further options to earn and save money. Bear in mind that you can also sign up to Mypoints and make money watching short videos and ads on their website.

3. Refer a friend schemes

Refermehappy – Refer a friend schemes:

There are numerous companies which offer the opportunity to access their refer a friend scheme in return for a financial reward. There is a website called refermehappy which puts together a list of companies which offer this reward for both the person referring and the person being referred. There are times when you want to access a new deal but don’t know anyone who is currently with the provider. The extra special thing about this website is that it can put you in contact with others, matching people who want to access such deals!

Refer a friend to join your bank:

Have you ever thought about switching your bank account to simply earn a quick sum? There are banks which have incentives such as:

  • Nationwide offering a mighty £100 each,
  • TSB offering £75 each,
  • The Co-operative Bank and First Direct offering £50 each.

If you want to know how to earn 50 pounds fast or more – this could be for you!  This is a quick and easy way to make a decent amount of extra money.

Online banks – Monzo, Revolut and Wise:

There are online banks which also offer incentives such as Monzo who advertise a £5 reward and check other similar banks such as Revolut and Wise as often they have similar incentives, so be sure to check out the best deal at the time you’re looking to do this. These banks are great for getting good rates if you travel abroad or want to transfer money overseas.

4. Switching your bank account:

You can also switch your bank account directly without the refer a friend option in order to receive a financial reward. So if you want to know how to make extra money fast, this could be a good option for you!  There are a number of really good deals for this which are worth considering:

  • RBS, Natwest and First Direct are currently offering £150
  • Santander £140
  • Nationwide up to £125

5. Recycle and sell your belongings:

Do you have any items at home you no longer use? Could you sell any unwanted belongings and make money? Yes absolutely!

You can use popular sites such as Facebook marketplace, eBay, Gumtree, Preloved and Shpock to sell any unwanted items. Depending on the condition and how sought after the items are you could make a tidy sum! This is a way to declutter and make money, making it a win win solution! Bear in mind you can sell items for free on Gumtree, preloved and facebook marketplace, so it’s worth checking out these websites first.

  • Consider if you have any old clothes, shoes or bags you no longer use. You may want to use vinted which is an online market place for buying and selling second hand clothes. Some shops will also give you a voucher that you can then use on purchases in store when you hand in unwanted clothing, it is noteworthy that H&M and M&S offer such schemes.
  • Baby toys, clothes and equipment can be sold second hand and generate income. It would be worth checking for any children’s clothes and toys no longer in use as these may be best to sell. Consider selling on Facebook marketplace  eBay and Gumtree.  Furniture could also be sold and you can request the buyer picks this up to avoid delivery.
  • You can sell new and pre-owned makeup on Depop or Glambot.
  • If you have any mobile phones at home that are no longer in use it is really worth considering selling them for cash. Like a used car it will only depreciate and it is better to get what you can for it now. Have a look on Mazuma to see what you could receive for your phone.
  • If you also have any old gold and silver jewellery that you no longer use you can also think about selling this for cash. Local jewellery shops will offer you a price for this and you can shop around for the best rate on offer.   Check out the following websites regarding this:


  • If you have unwanted presents or giftcards these can also be sold for cash. There are websites that you can use to sell your unwanted gift cards and purchase discounted gift cards such as Card Yard.
  • CD’s,DVD’s, computer games and books can also be sold for cash etc. You can use websites such as musicMagpie and Amazon.

6. Job websites for freelance work:

Do you want to know how to make 50 pounds a day online or more?  If you have a particular skill why not cash in from it?! There are websites out there that enable you to advertise your skills or find work. There are many ways you can do this whilst working from home. You can find work through websites such as flexjobs, Fiverr and Upwork.

7. Sell your crafts online:

You can also sell anything you make on websites such as Etsy, eBay, Facebook marketplace and Instagram etc.

8. Teaching a language online:

If you speak English fluently you could get paid for teaching online. You could do this job from the convenience of your own home and be paid by the hour. There is a real demand throughout the world for English lessons and conversation. If you speak another language you could also consider teaching this online too. You can sign up to italki to offer lessons as a professional teacher or community tutor. Community tutors are paid for offering students conversational practice. If you want to know how to earn 20 pounds fast this could be for you.

9. Teaching Various Subjects:

Do you have a skill or expertise you could share with others in order to earn money?  Do you play a musical instrument and could you offer music lessons?  Are you a whizz with numbers and could you offer maths lessons? Do you have a hobby you’re particularly talented at and could you teach this to others? If so check out the following websites to start teaching

10. Pet sitting

Many people are looking for a trustworthy person to care for their pet, whilst they are away from home. This can be a quick and easy way to earn cash. It may even be possible to look after the pet in your own home, so you could be doing more than one job at the same time. Check out websites such as Rover, Pawshake or to get yourself started.

11. House sitting

House sitting is a great way to earn money, taking care of a house whilst the owners are away.  Check out our very own Broke in London post on house sitting for inspiration!

12. Sharing your internet connection:

Do you have unused data every month, unlimited data and/or wifi?  If so you could effortlessly share this and make money.  This process is secure and you’ll also be able to see what your data is being used for. Websites to use for this are: