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Surviving Lockdown Life – Bring the Beer Home!

Order yourself a Beer Pong Table

Guest post by Trevor Davis

Life in lockdown can be such a drag, but you can find things to laugh and feel good about. If you want to keep boredom at bay, play beer pong with friends. Have a good time while staying at home and self-isolating.

Some of the aspects of the coronavirus lockdown have eased in England. Those who can’t work from home are returning to their workplaces soon, but they’re urged to avoid public transport whenever possible. Under the new rules, people are allowed to spend more time outside as long as they maintain social distance and wear face coverings. Life as we once knew it has gone. Nothing is the same anymore. The coronavirus will cause permanent changes. The way we hang out – these sorts of things – will change because of COVID-19. Everyone is in survival mode.

When the lockdown was imposed, there was widespread support for the measures aimed at controlling the new virus. Things have changed quite a bit in the sense that people are sick and tired of restrictions, wishing to resume their daily lives. In spite of the fact that England has moved faster, as opposed to other nations, reopening shops, schools, and introducing support bubbles, the situation is far from being ideal. The only thing we can do is to embrace, not resist, the so-called normal. Make a change in the way you do things to survive lockdown.

If you’re bored at home, play beer pong

You didn’t ask for this; life is pretty much out of our control. However, lockdown doesn’t need to transform into your worst nightmare. If you keep yourself occupied, you’ll be perfectly fine. Boredom is incredibly uncomfortable and you should do everything within your power to avoid it. There are countless ways you can stay connected with your friends whilst self-isolating at home. Here’s a neat suggestion: order yourself a Beer Pong Table and have fun with your friends. You don’t need to throw a massive get-together to enjoy a good game of beer pong.

Beer pong is fun when you play with a lot of people. For the time being, it’s not safe to see all your friends. Tempting as it may be to see one another and reminisce about old times, you should better avoid close contact. Meet only with the friends that you absolutely trust and exert caution. The coronavirus hides in those who are healthy and is passed on to those who aren’t immune to severe illness from COVID-19. The point is that you shouldn’t meet up in lockdown even if you’re eager to hang out with your friends. Ask only some of your friends to come over and play.

No matter if it’s called beer pong or Beirut, the game is as entertaining now as it was when it was first discovered. You can maximise the fun for everyone and enjoy a good drink. If you manage to sink the ball successfully, your opponent will have to drink the entire thing. Beer pong is more than just a game. Indeed, it brings forward the fun, spirit, and competitiveness of a game, but that’s not all. As you already know, beer pong involves skill and, most importantly, teamwork. It’s something you can do to make the hours pass while you’re at home.

And there’s even an online version of beer pong

So, you’re ready for face-to-face interactions. The benefits of going outside may outweigh the risks, which is why you need to be careful. An ever-increasing number of places are opening, yet the virus is far from being under control. Just because you can meet people from outside your household doesn’t mean that you should. It’s recommended to settle for socially distanced hangouts with friends. Groups of 4 people are acceptable, but never indoors. If you don’t have a back garden or an outdoor space, try playing virtual beer pong. It’s doable if you have a few smartphones and FaceTime or Zoom.

Thanks to technology, some beloved games can be played virtually with familiar faces. If you’re craving to spend some quality time with your friends, turn on your smartphone and let the fun begin. The live chat will immortalise the way the ping pong ball bounces from one end of the table to the other, eventually falling into the cups of beer. It might not be your idea of fun, but at least give it a try. Virtual beer pong is very similar to the real thing. Just make sure not to invite that one friend whose screen is always freezing.

Beer pong is pretty challenging when it’s played virtually. At times, you might lose sight of the ball and it can be difficult to message your friend. To make it feel like the real deal, bring your own beer. Each person should set up 2 phones, one facing them and one facing the beer pong table. Finding your happy place might not be so easy these days, but it certainly isn’t impossible. There are plenty of options for you to try. Beer pong is one of the most entertaining things you can do, so you should look forward to making it work. The teams are divided by households and screens. But you’re free to play solo.

Final thoughts

Until now, we’ve had relatively little freedom to interact with one another. The good news is that the government has begun easing some of the lockdown measures. Groups of up to 6 people are allowed to meet outside, in areas such as parks and private gardens. This translates into the fact that friends (and family) can meet loved ones once again. Socialising with a limited number of friends is okay if certain precautions are implemented. If you see that a place is overcrowded, it’s better to head on home and bring the beer with you. Careful planning, proper hygiene, and ingenious design should do the trick.

Make sure to drink responsibly, even if you’re at home. This will enable you to fully enjoy the game and, of course, play better. Beer pong is a game of precision and consistency. If you’re a good player, you can win every single time. You won’t play better with booze in your system. As a matter of fact, you risk making a fool out of yourself at the next house party. It’s better to practice your skill.