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Tandem Language Learning

Need to improve your English? Find a Tandem partner!

By Manolis Zografakis

Are you frustrated ‘cause you still find problems to understand British people? Have you already spent a dozen of pounds in English courses and you don’t want to spend a cent more? However, how are you gonna find a job, without a decent knowledge of the English language? Don’t worry, there is a solution for everything! What you need to do is to find the right tandem partner! No,you don’t need a tandem bike for that…

Tandem language learning is a method of language learning based on mutual language exchange (not only for learning English of course) between tandem partners (ideally each learner is a native speaker in the language the proponent wants to learn). Of course, this is absolutely free (unless you refer to a language school to provide you this service) and it’s also a good way-reason to meet new people. You can meet in a nice, quite cafe and study while drinking a nice hot cup of coffee (not like the classic boring courses in the classroom) or through Skype!

So, have a walk to your nearest University and have a look at the students ‘ boards: they generally advertise lots of interesting deals (especially for room search), including language exchange ads! If you’re bored getting out from the house just have a look through the websites below where you can refer to in order to find a language partner (all provide the service for free):

Through ConversationExchange.com you can have three types of language exchange
www.totalingua.com TotaLingua helps you to find a language partner in your city
language swap partners

If you are not the social type and prefer to learn a language in the comfort of your own home then you may want to use an online language learning platform. One of the best free language learning software is Duolingo. It is a great software that you can also use on your mobile.

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