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Top 10 Free Events in London June 2014

Is it Summer yet?

by Jen (follow Jen on Twitter: @JenBarnes207) Last summer was glorious. It doesn’t look as though the weather is going to be all that great this year, but I’m determined not to let it ruin my fun! Here are 10 events that should keep you busy for the next month. Hopefully by the time July rolls around the sun will have come out and I’ll just be recommending lying around in the park all month long!

#1 Holloway Arts Festival  | 1-8th June

Top 10 Free Events in London June 2014

Holloway Arts Festival

The Holloway Arts Festival, now in its twelfth year, is a lovely little festival in North London. There are a number of free events: a history and wildlife of the parkland walk, a tea party, a disco, a street festival, some live music & spoken word and more. If you like to bake, you can even join their Bake-Off on the 6th & 7th of June! What: Holloway Arts Festival When: from 1-8 June


#2 Vauxhall Village Summer Screen | June & July

Top 10 Free Events in London June 2014

Vauxhall Village Summer Screen

What could be better than lying on the grass and watching a free film with your friends? There are a ton of outdoor cinemas in London in the summer but most of them cost a fortune and book up fast. The Vauxhall Village Summer Screen presents six films throughout the summer and you can bring your own snacks! What: Vauxhall Village Summer Screen When: June & July


#3 Cockpit Arts Open Studios | 6-8th June,  13-15th June

Top 10 Free Events in London June 2014

Cockpit Arts Summer Open Studios

Cockpit Arts have two studio locations: Deptford & Holborn. They only open the studios to the public twice a year and last Xmas I spent far too much money at their Deptford studios. It’s a great opportunity to buy directly from the designers, or to just wander around and browse. They have everything from jewellery and textiles to stationary and coasters. What: Cockpit Arts When: 6-15 June


#4 Simon & Tom Bloor at Flat-Time House | 5th June-27th July

Top 10 Free Events in London June 2014

Simon & Tom Bloor at Flat-Time House

Simon & Tom Bloor are brothers and artists who explore play in their work (and even design playgrounds). They’ve just finished a residency at Flat Time House and have a year’s worth of sculptures to show you. Their new work looks at the creative potential of vandalism. What: Simon & Tom Bloor When: 5 June – 27 July


#5 512 Hours: Marina Abramovic at Serpentine Gallery |11th June-25th August

Marina Abramovic

Marina Abramovic

Many things have been said at Marina Abramovic. Love her or hate her you must be a little bit curious about 512 Hours. She will be performing in the gallery for the entire duration of the exhibit (for 512 Hours, I guess). Turn up between 10am and 6pm from the 11th June – 25th August to become a part of her world. What: Marina Abramovic at Serpentine Gallery When: 11 June – 25 August


#6 Serpentine Pavilion | 26th June – 19th October

Serpentine Pavilion

Serpentine Pavilion

Ok, so I loved, loved, loved last year’s pavilion. It was light and airy and the perfect place to soak up some sun. This year’s Pavilion looks a bit cold but I’m willing to give it a shot and you should, too. At least it will provide some shade on those sunny summer days London is famous for….just kidding. What: Serpentine Pavilion When: 26 June – 19 October


#7 Degree Shows | June & July

Degree Shows -

Pic taken

Want to know what the art & design world is going to do next? Want to see fresh new talent? Check out some Degree Shows.  London is full of world-class universities for art & design and each year final year students present their work publically. Arts News has published this handy guide to help you find the shows closest to you. What: Degree Shows When: June & July


#8  Pocket Places Peckham Spaces | 7th June

Pocket Places Peckham Spaces

Pocket Places Peckham Spaces

Do you love Peckham? You’ll love it even more after this day-long event with world-class street artists, live music, food & drink, yoga and even a ‘bring and fix’ event to help you restore your old treasures. If you last the whole day there’s a film screening on the site of the old Tower Cinema. What: Pocket Places Peckham Spaces When: 7 June


#9  Model Market | 20th June- 26th September

Model Market

Model Market – Pic taken by

Street Feast is moving South East with a new location in Lewisham. Model Market will have all the signature Street Feast regulars and you can expect find food from Yum Bun, Breddos Tacos and SmoeStak. I can’t find a lot of details online, but if TimeOut says it, it must be true, right? What: Model Market When: 20 June- 26 September


#10 City of London Festival | 22nd June – 17th July

City of London Festival

City of London Festival

The City of London Festival returns this summer with a ton of free events. From classical music to acrobats, the festival offers everything you could want (and a few things you didn’t know you needed). Most of the free events are lunch-time concerts and it’s a great excuse not to eat at your desk. What: City of London Festival When: 22 June – 17 July

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