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7 Easy Jobs for Students to Get in London

What kind of job can I get?

By Tatchen Dawodu-Alcide from StudentJob

Now, I don’t know whether you have just arrived to study in the capital for the first time, or whether you’re a seasoned Londoner, but I’m guessing you need a job, right? London is home to some of the best universities in the world so it’s no surprise that many students choose to study here each year. Living in London can be incredibly expensive, but fear not as there are plenty of opportunities to get a job. Getting a job can enhance your CV and most importantly pay those bills! Sing up to our job alerts to receive the latest jobs of your field directly in your mailbox!


Being a steward at events is incredibly flexible so it’s ideal for students. As a steward you will be helping to control the crowd and assisting customers with any questions they may have. You can work at the best sporting and music events that take place in the capital and essentially you get to attend a top event for free! (Not bad eh!). It is not essential for you to have experience in a similar role, as most companies are happy to train you. Pay usually starts off at around £7 per hour, although this can depend on the type of event. Showsec, Pitmans People and Sword Security have many opportunities for students.


Whether this is at a restaurant, let’s say Nandos or Wagamama, or at an event, this job is great for any student looking for extra cash. Training will usually be provided, although most of the skills needed are just common sense (if you lack common sense, this may be a problem). By undertaking this kind of role, you will be able to enhance your customer service skills which are of course transferrable!

7 Easy Jobs for Students to Get in London

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According to the Guardian almost half of the children in London have private tuition to help them with their schoolwork. This basically means tutors are in demand! Being a tutor is super flexible and delivers excellent pay. ‘Yes please I hear you say’.

Your degree probably specialises in a particular area so you can use this to your advantage. It could also be a second language that you have a great command of, which is another great way to bolster your CV. In order to be a good tutor you will need to have lots of patience and the ability to present information in a meaningful way (some parents may give you a reward if their child does well). Typically, tutoring is done on a face to face basis but with the evolution of technology it has now become common for children to receive online tutoring.

7 Easy Jobs for Students to Get in London

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Working in retail must be one of the most common jobs available to students. The hours are usually quite flexible as most employers are accommodating to your studies. You can also make a killing in the summer and Christmas as that is when retailers are at their busiest!

In order to work in retail you will need to be a people person as you will spend the majority of your time interacting with your colleagues and customers. A job in retail is incredibly popular for students simply because of how diverse the sector is. You could work for a clothes shop like Topshop or an electrical store such as PC World. Whatever floats your boat! (Did I mention the discount!?) Again, training will be provided to you however employers will be impressed if you already have previous experience working in retail.

7 Easy Jobs for Students to Get in London

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Brands need students at university to promote them in order to increase their profile. If you are outgoing and know a lot of people this really is the ideal job for you. As a brand representative you will work on various campaigns relating to a particular brand and you will receive training from ‘campus experts’. You can expect to earn £8 an hour whilst gaining important skills at the same time.


Do you enjoy looking after your siblings? Why not do babysitting? It is a good way to earn some extra money in the evenings and weekends. For this role it is important to be responsible and the welfare of the child you are looking after should be your ultimate priority.

7 Easy Jobs for Students to Get in London

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Ever fancied yourself as the next Sherlock? Well, here’s your chance! No unfortunately it isn’t all in the name, although whatever you buy you will be reimbursed for. Plus, you can keep some cool freebies! Mystery shopping basically involves going to a retailer and your task may involve asking a sales assistant for help or evaluating how they deal with an angry customer. You will need to write up a report afterwards about your overall experience.

Part time jobs are a great prospect for students wanting to gain experience in the working world. StudentJob advertise many part time jobs all over the UK, check our website for more information!