Couchsurfing Free Short Term Accommodation - Broke in London

Couchsurfing Free Short Term Accommodation

Stay in a house in London for free through is a great platform that acts as a global social travel network where people exchange places to stay without monetary exchange (Couch Surfing is a neologism referring to the practice of moving from one friend’s house to another, sleeping in spare couches, generally staying a few days before moving on to the next house). is a suitable solution for your holidays in case you don’t have money for accommodation and would like to meet new people. It can be a nice and unique experience as you’ll stay at the home of locals (for free) and learn about their culture. There are many people (with different age, background, nationality, etc.) available to host you in London.  The average time you can stay in a house via is 1 week.

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Free Short Term Accommodation through



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